Actress – Journalist controversies, Who, What, Where and When? (Update)

UPDATE: Sushmita KC ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hoon’ controversy about a TV program producer

Sushmita KC and Prakash Subedi

What had happened – Sushmita KC expressed her dissatisfaction about the report about her movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hun’ aired in the 35th episode of a Kantipur TV film program ‘Rajatpat’. In the report aired in the TV show, her debut production movie was a failure and it didn’t do good business. Click here for more details of the controversy.
Where – Facebook
When – August 2016

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Sumina Ghimire forced to admit her mistake, FJAN threatens everybody

In a press release by actress Sumina Ghimire she has admitted her mistake during the telephone conversation with the journalist Bijaya Awaj Subedi. She stated that she regret her statement and wasn’t meant to be a threat to the journalist.

She added, she has high respect to journalism and that will always be her view. The reason of the statement after a month late is not known but it seems, Film Journalist Association of Nepal, an organization in which Bijaya Awaj is one of the member, had forced the actress to issue the statement. The statement of FJAN , signed by the secretary Laxman Subedi, has a threatening remark to "everybody" to respect journalists.

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Rekha Thapa supports Sumina Ghimire on phone scandal

UPDATE: In response to this article, Rekha has stated that the statement wasn’t made on anybody’s support or protest.

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa has supported Sumina Ghimire and accused the journalists at onlinekhabar of creating such an environment. She accused journalists being irresponsible to the private lives of actresses and causing unnecessary tension.

In a page-long statement titled ‘We artists aren’t robots’, Rekha had quoted the incidents of the death of actress Shrisha Karki and actress Jesika Khadka (Jyoti Khadka). She also accused journalist of focusing on Namrata Shrestha on the case of the release of her sex video and not talking about the male involved in the video.

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Lack of responsibility in Nepali actresses – Sumina Ghimire, Jharana Thapa and Rekha Thapa

In a few of the recent incidents it is seen that, Nepali actresses are the most irresponsible people in the film industry. Ethics and responsibilities are tied with their professionalism. Let’s analyze some of the recent incidents involving Nepali actresses:

Sumina Ghimire threat

The most recent incident, actress Sumina Ghimire threatened a journalist in a very unprofessional way. She could have sent the same message more effectively by stating it in a diplomatic manner. After the release of the audio of her communication with the journalist, Sumina has shown how low she can stoop. It won’t be easy for Sumina to regain her popularity and respect in the film community.

Jharana Thapa smoking

Actress Jharana Thapa is one of the most successful actresses in the industry. In a latest photo released in her Facebook profile Jharana is seen enjoying Hukkah (Shisha) and blowing smoke in a restaurant in Kathmandu. Smoking is a personal choice but, advertising it by publicizing the photo in public is considered unprofessional. Public usually consider celebrities as their role models and some blindly copy everything their favorite celebrities do.

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Sumina Ghimire going through a bad time

Actress Sumina Ghimire was successful in raising to fame in a short time. She got opportunities in a lot of movies but, none of the movies could be commercially successful. The viewers haven’t liked Sumina’s latest release, ‘9 O’clock’ in which, she is featured in a hot role.

With these failures, Sumina should be having her worst time in the movie industry. That might be the reason, Sumina threatened a journalist on writing her failures in movies. An online journalist Bijaya Awaj received a hateful call from the actress in which she told that she couldn’t write bad things about her and she also threatened the journalist.

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