Resham Filili show halted

The comedy movie ‘Resham Filili’ makers have decided that it is not the time for laughter when the whole country is mourning the victims of the massive earthquake of April 26. Talking to an online magazine, the producer, Madhav Wagle, has said that the decision was made because entertainment is not a priority at the time of emergency.

madhav wagle

The resumption of the show is not known. Wagle  said that the movie show will be halted for an uncertain time in the future.

On Saturday, all of the theater remained closed because of the biggest earthquake in almost a century. The re-opening of theater is also uncertain at this time.

‘Resham Filili’ had made a houseful opening on the release on April 24 and was expected to be popular because of the viral song ‘Jalama …’ The "Sukul Premier" was also liked by everybody.

Details of the earthquake of April 25 is available in this post. Choreographer and dancer Shankar BC had also escaped a landslide caused by the earthquake during the shooting of a music video on the day.