Sanchita Luitel – baby and pregnant belly (Photos)

Sanchita Luitel gave birth to the little boy on August 21, 2011. Both the mother and the child are well and Nikhil Upreti has also arrived from Mumbai to meet his child.

UPDATE: Sanchita with her newborn child:


Posted below are some photos before the birth of the child:

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Best wishes of Rekha, Rejina and Richa to Pregnant actresses Sanchita and Arunima

In Nepal, pregnant women are fed beaten rice and yogurt (Dahi Chiura) to wish for the health of the mother and the unborn child. Three of the Nepali actresses, Rekha Thapa, Rejina Upreti, and Richa Ghimire gathered in an event organized at Arunima Lamsal‘s home in Kapan Kathmandu. They also invited another pregnant actress Sanchita Luitel in the ceremony.

What makes this event special is that, these five actresses, who are considered to be rivals in Nepali movie industry, have tried to prove everybody wrong by gathering in a place to celebrate the happiness of two of their colleagues. 

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