Sanchita talked about her marriage with Nikhil

Sanchita Luitel, for the first time, has publicly told that she has married Nikhil Upreti. In a program, Rajatpat, broadcasted in Kantipur TV on Wednesday, she has told that after a 3-year-long affair, they had married some two years back. Sanchita also claimed that Nikhil hasn’t lived with his official wife, Kopila Upreti, since then.

Sanchita told that Nikhil didn’t want to flash the marrige to public so they didn’t tell about it then. In the interview she also told that she will bing Nikhil back to Nepal soon.

Sanchita also told that she is planning to act in an indian TV serial. Sanchita is in Kathmandu to do the dubbing of Alok Newang movie, Kohi Mero.

Nepali daily, Nagarik, has talked about the interview with Kopila Upreti. Kopila however rejected all the claims made by Sanchita. She also questioned Sanchita’s saying that Nikhil hasn’t lived with Kopila for two years. “If he hadn’t lived with me for two years, how could he be father of his 8 month old son?” she asked.

Kopila hoped that Nikhil will talk with media to clear the rumor and tell everybody that he will come back to her. Kopila told that she married Nikhil after a lengthy love affair of 8 years and she has known him before he was a film star.

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    • mero tauko nice couple auta nari bhayera nari ko marm nabujhne ani purus bahyera afnu kartabya bujnu nasakni haru le samaj ma naramro chhap xodeko xa sajay hunu porxa duitailai

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