Seven-colored snake found in Nepal

In Nepal, people worship anything strange. As a latest example, people have started worshiping a strange snake that changes color.

Thousands of people have been thronging Chapaghar area of Tanahu district in western Nepal to see a strange seven-colored snake found in a well there, the National News Agency RSS reported on Saturday.

According to the RSS, the snake was first seen by a local people. Since then thousands of people have seen the snake. A local Kum Bahadur Thapa said 1,000 people visit the area daily to see the snake.

Another local Jagat Raj Khanal said the snake has already changed four colors. Locals meanwhile have started worshiping the snake by making an idol of the snake near the well. They have also placed a donation box at the place to collect funds to construct a temple there. (source)

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