Shabir Shrestha’s ‘Aadhi Bato’ inagurated

Director Shabir Shresth’s upcoming movie ‘Adhi Bato’ was inaugurated on Monday, January 21.


In the ceremony held in the Bajrabarahi temple in Chapagaun, Kathmandu, cast and crew members were present. ‘Adhi Bato’  features Sabin Shrestha, Anu Shah, Yesh Kumar, Jenisha KC , Ruby Rana, and Dhiren Shakya in main roles. The movie will feature the cinematography of Nabaraj Thapa and made on the story of Jagdishwor Thapa.

The movie is produced by Ramesh Twayana and made under the banner of Raul Production Pvt. Ltd. Ramesh Twayana had previously produced movies like Hami Teen Bhai, Bharosha, Arjun Dev, and Hasideu Ek Fera.

‘Adhi Bato’ will be shot in various locations in Kathmandu and Kalinchowk. One of the songs of the movie is planned to shot in the UK.

Photo credit – Shabir Shrestha.

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