Friday release, Aadhi Bato, Wrong Way and Divorce

This Friday, April 4 three new Nepali movies were released. Shabir Shrestha‘s ‘Aadhi Bato’, Deepak Shrestha‘s ‘Wrong Way’ and Manish Pantha’s ‘Divorce’ were released in theaters.

‘Adhi Bato’ features actors Yash Kumar, Jenisha KC, Sabin Shrestha and Anu Shah in main roles. The movie made on triangular love story is made popular by catching music. The controversy of actress Jneisha KC and her relationship with the producer Ramesh Twayna has also helped in the promotion of the movie.

‘Wrong Way’ features controversial actress Jiya KC in the leading role. The actress made popular by skin show and chhada dialogues also created controversy when the movie poster was copied from a Bollywood movie poster.

Another new release, ‘Divorce’ presents Kishor Shrestha, Binita Ramtel, Suruna Bina, Avash Agrahari in lead roles. The movie written and directed by Manish Pantha is a sex story and broken marriages.

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