Shiva Linga – why worship the Shiva phallus?

It really has not been that long, when I came to know, we Hindu worship a Shiva’s Linga (Shiva Lingam); Lord Shiva in the form of a phallus (penis). But, this knowledge made my skin crawl shiver in sheer disgust.
One of my friends, who is devoted to Shiva, tried to make me understand her side of story, a good side to that story. But I was so disgusted; my mind refused to understand the good-good things she was telling me. My mind simply rejected to hear her version of the worship culture. I am a Hindu by birth but, I have lost the respect for the religion due to absurd things like worshiping the Shiva Linga. Going temple every morning to worship somebody’s phallus (who cares even if belongs to a god) is just too much in the name of Dharma. Give me a break. I am not that type.

I don’t care what you do in your bedroom. You are free to explore your wild side but, do me one favor and don’t tell me all about that.

I am not a temple visitor, as it requires me to walk around the temple area on bare feet and temples are not that clean do to so. But, it’s been decades since I have visited a temple.

Wait a minute; do I need to enter temples?

Most of the time it’s on the roadside to see how clean the area is! Some says Pashupati is cleaner than before. But, I don’t wants to know. After knowing what exactly in the temple, I am not sure about others but, I am least interested to visit it.

One of my good friends once said about ‘Unmatta Bhairav’ that, it’s image boosted his mood occasionally; and time and again he used to go to see the image just to recharge him.

I am wondering: What does worshiping Shiva Linga teach us? What should we be learning from this worship? Why do thousands of people visit Pashupati Naths’ temple every morning? What’s in their mind ? Why is it so important to visit that place that houses Shiva Linga?

In the Shiva Puran, a book written about lord Shiva, says, ‘The linga of Shiva, cursed by the sages, fell on the earth and burnt everything before it like fire. Parvati took the form of a yoni and calmed it by holding the linga in her yoni’. The shiva linga seen in the first photo is the symbolic sculpture of that procedure. The religious pundits believe it to be the symbol of creation.

It is not only Pashupati Nath Temple that houses Shiva’s Linga. There are many other sexual sculptures in our temples. In fact, the sexual representation in our religious destinations are more than such books we can buy from the Nepali market (Ok, let me admit one thing here, this kind of book is some thing I don’t go for hunting and blue movies do not appeal to me either). There are few explanations on why such erotic images of gods and goddess in the temple like -to ward off the bad intentions in people; don’t make sense.

I wonder, what kind of bad intention people might get while visiting temples? Or, is it an advertisement – so that people visit temples more often?

I wonder, what image comes in those people’s mind when they really cry and need to reach out for the God and pray ‘Oh God’!

Just wondering !

– Sunita Giri

(In the photo above, a women stares at a realistic Shiva Linga for sale on the streets near Pashupanti Nath temple during Teej festival. Photo credits – izahorsky, from Flickr)

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  1. Is it Nepal? You cannot understand Hinduism. India is Hinduism. Hinduism is India. Kashi (Varanasi) is Hinduism, not Nepal. Author of this article, you should first know who Shiva is, to understand what Shivalinga is. Where do you get information about Shiva from? From puranas? From Vaishnavite stories? Those are perverted and cheap devilish nonsense. Even the Shiva Puran is not perfect. Do you learn about Shiva from Nepal? India is where you should go to learn real facts. Unfortunately, most Shaivites today don’t know what the Shivalinga is. Fortunately, I know what a Shivalinga is. I too misunderstood and hated Shivalinga and Hindus at first. But, once I knew what a Shivalinga is, and who Shiva is, I remember my nation’s ancient knowledge of God. Whatever, it is not wholly your mistake that you don’t understand Shiva. It is Nepal’s mistake and India’s mistake as well. Every meaning about Shiva is rooted in revelation and history, not in imaginative and polluted minds or stories. My nation is polluted by the devils, but still a lot of God remains in my nation. Before my nation went into shamelessness, nudity and fornication, she was pure. And those pure people knew Shiva. Not like today’s Shiva’s idol, but with symbols such as Shivalinga and the Trident (Trishul). They knew what every symbol meant. Today’s Shiva’s statue has a few flaws. For example, the snake around Shiva’s neck should be encircling Shiva’s neck three times. But, the Idolators have loosened the snake, turned the snake towards them, and started worshipping the snake. Yet, I can look through all these defects, and see who Shiva is, and what each symbol means.
    I am happy to see you write that you hate the Shivalinga. Otherwise, I would not have known that you are misunderstanding the Shivalinga. It is good that you are true to your own conviction. But, I want to tell you that Shivalinga is not a man’s organ. If you still misunderstand, then the problem is in the teaching and misunderstanding that is around you. I am not telling you to worship the Shivalinga. Do not worship symbols and idols. It is good that you hate the Shivalinga, but is there anything you love? Or is everything you know is to hate god, and to hate anything related to the concept of god? Is all you know is to hate god? Who is god? Do you know god? I want to know how pure you are, how brainwashed you are, and how ignorant you are. I want to tell you something. At first, all people knew god. Later on – some people forgot god, some people perverted god, and some people were deceived away from God. Which people are you in (living among)? What do you know about God?
    Are you roaming around hating this and that? Or are you really searching for god?
    If you don’t know what food is, you will not eat the fruits in your basket, you will not eat the fruits in the trees, and you will certainly not buy fruits to eat. And you will say that hunger is meaningless and that there doesn’t exist any food. And thus you will ignore all the food that is around you. Hunger should lead you to find (recognize) good food to eat. The same way, your spiritual hunger should lead you to want to know who God is. So, ask questions. Don’t run towards denial. Are you used to denying reality? Are you used to being satisfied this way? How is your way of thinking?
    You are saying that one of your friends says like this, and someone else says like that, and you believe in their explanations, to make your conclusions. This is the problem. If your friend says that Apples could be the children of the Male apple god and the Female apple goddess in Apple world, and that the seed in the apple is the result of their union, and you are not satisfied with your friend’s answer, and someone else says that he eats apples and commits adultery, and so, will you hate apples? Think that an apple looks like the belly of a pregnant woman. So, will you hate the apple saying that it has committed adultery? Think of it. ….Gmaw Pradeep.

  2. It just makes no sense whatsoever, it’s like pagan rituals which have no essence of spirituality. It’s very unclean, sex is everywhere and religion should be a way to cleanse the soul so something above reality and purification of the mind but this is just disgusting honestly

    • Thank you for the support. We need people who can ask those pundits who injected in our head any crap and we blindly obeyed as if we don’t have brain inside our head. Worshiping Penis is an example that we really don’t use our own brain.

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  5. hmm.. Yeah I have heard stories of shiva’s Lingam (to be taken as meaning Penis) Dropped on earth after an Instance .. that shiva was roaming around on earth in form of some guy who’s covered in ashes .. naked(there’s a word for it can’t remember right now .). passed by an ashram and some rishi’s wives were astonished to see a naked guy .. and out of jealousy they cursed that guy unknowingly cursing shiva as a result his penis fell on earth and caused destruction… and then the gods went to parvati for help and she then cooled him off. Of course by accepting it into her vagina or yoni as it is said ..

    now these are stories…

    but what we see on khajuraho temples .. that’s pure sex right .. or is there someone denying that as well…. haha …

    whatever may the case be .. people all over the world have different views.. in nepal it is worshipped as penis.. depicting fertility . in china ,buddhism and in african religions A PENIS IS WORSHIPPED AS A SYMBOL OF FERTILITY.

    I don’t care if shiva linga is a penis or some inhuman form . I don’t give a damn .. but taking your kids to temples where you have sculptures in different sex positions… wow… that’s what I call sex education lol…

    and yeah for all the people who commented above .. they all searched online trying not to prove shiva linga as a penis … they themselves don’t know much abt it .. whether it is indeed a penis or some story made by people so that the people won’t disrespect hindu religion or feel disgusted by shiva lingam .. :P

  6. Shiva is penis and Yoni is vagina. The pouring of milk symbolises the ejaculation and fertization by sperm of egg. Many ancient cultures worshipped reproductive organs including Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.

    • This is ok if some people believe in it so strongly but that should not be too much that they expect whole lot of society to go in the temple and put head of their on somebody else dick. that is what makes me puke !

  7. Meaning of Shiv ling based on Vedic sources and commentary of Vedic sages such as Swami Vivekanand, Swami Sivanand and Shri Ram Sharma Acharya of Gayatri Parivar(Haridwar).

    ‘Linga’ in Sankrit means form or mark and it is shaped like an egg and represents the ‘Brahmanda’ or the cosmic egg. Thus it represents elliptical form of divinity. A glance at the image of Shiva Lingam shows there is a pillar with three marks and a disc beneath it called ‘Peetham’ and with a coiling cobra snake around the Pillar and hows its fangs above the pillar.

    Shiva Lingam represents the totality of the Cosmos and the Cosmos, in turn, being represented as a Cosmic Egg. Again an egg is an ellipsoid depicting with no beginning, nor end. Shiva being worshipped as Linga means the Consciousness in its primodal form where consciousness is entering into the Eternal Energy (Shakti).

    Base of the ligna is called ‘Peetham’ and Coiled Cobra snake represents the ‘Kundalini’ shakti or feminine principle of the divinity whom we refer as Mother goddess. Three rows on pillar represents ‘Brahma’, Vishnu and Mahesh – different aspects of the divinity.

    When un-manifest energy begins to manifest itself, the first form is always the Linga. The word Linga means the form. Linga means a perfect ellipsoid. The first form of creation is an ellipsoid and final form before dissolution is also an ellipsoid.

    Thus the first form is a Linga and the final form before dissolution is also a Linga. If you become meditative, your energies will naturally take the form of a Linga. Thus Linga means Linga means the place of dissolution for the world and all beings. It signifies also Satya, Jnana and Ananta—Truth, knowledge and Infinity. It indicates that Lord Siva is endowed with all-pervading and self-luminous nature. Linga is a symbol which makes us understand the various kinds of Artha which are indicated above.
    There are six Lingas, viz., Anda Linga, Pinda Linga, Sadasiva Linga, Atma Linga, Jnana
    Linga and Siva Linga. These Lingas are taken to mean the characteristics by which the Anda (the Universe), Pinda (the body), Sadasiva, etc., are to be recognised and understood.

    Linga is only the outward symbol of the formless being, Lord Siva, who is the indivisible, all-pervading, eternal, auspicious, ever-pure, immortal essence of this vast universe, who is the undying Soul seated in the chambers of your heart, who is your Indweller, innermost Self or Atman, and who is identical with the Supreme Brahman.

    • Excellent comment, truth. By the way, I know what a Shiva linga means. I know what each part of the Shivalinga is. Shiva linga is not a man’s organ. It is the symbol of Shiva. Instead of saying that there are three parts in the Shivalinga, I will say that every part is a Shivalinga (Shiva’s symbol). So, there are three Shiva Lingas there. Try to find out what they are. Only I know in the whole world what each part is. But, I am not telling it right now, until I will publish a book on who Shiva is. I don’t want the simple secret I know to be leaked. I have no problem if you will know this secret, but I just don’t want it to get leaked. By the way, I have already given a hefty and great clue right in this comment, that you may find out what the Shivalinga actually is. Tip : Do not read the Vaishnavite stories to know what a Shivalinga is. You will not find the truth there. I don’t think that this simple truth is written anywhere. Only I know what a shivalinga is. So, try to find out. I apologize to you that I am not convinced in my heart, to tell the fact about the Shivalinga openly. But, one thing is for sure – It is not a male organ. Only ignorant or brainwashed people believe in the lie / ignorant say that it is a male organ. Shiva linga is holy. A male organ doesn’t look exactly like the top part. A female organ doesn’t look exactly like the middle part. Trust me. I will soon tell the world, what each part of the Shiva linga is, and what it means. I am not playing games with you. But, I really am not convinced in my mind, to reveal the secret. I apologize. ….Gmaw Pradeep.

  8. Weather people like it not.Creation starts from penis.Then what is the wrong in worshiping the creator?It is all symbolical.People are unable to understand certain things.The lady who shivered to see this linga in public will like it in private.Hypocrat

  9. So many explanations from Hindus that it is not Penis…. it is that that that…. come on be realistic. have no one eyes here. ..?? picures are clear that it is a penis invading a vagina….hahahaha pethatic hindu penis worshippers

  10. Just as OM is the ‘sound symbol’ of God, the Linga is ‘form symbol’ or visible symbol of God – the most meaningful, the simplest and the least endowed with appendages of attributes. The Linga means, that in which this Jagat (world of change) attains Laya or mergence or dissolution (Leeyate). All forms merge in the Formless at last. Shiva is the Principle of Destruction of all names and
    forms, of all entities and individuals. So, the Linga is the simplest sign of emergence and mergence.

    Layanghanchanti bhutani sangharay nikhilanyatah
    shristi kale punah shristi shrtamalingam mudhaitatam
    “Layanghanchanti bhutani” in the above quoted shloka suggests that the Shiva Lingam is the entity in which all animate objects get absorbed at the time of dissolution of the universe. And the second line of the shloka “shristi kale punah shristi” indicates that at the time of creation it recreates. Such meaning can only be attributed to the absolute Brahman, the Supreme Lord. The
    process of Shiva Lingam has been explained in Shivopanishad. The linga (or lingam) is made up of three parts. One part remains underground, the middle part remains on the pedestal and third one on
    top is the one which is actually worshiped. The part which remains covered by the ground is 4 sided. That which remains on the pedestal is 8 sided and the one is worshiped is round. The height of the round part should be 1/3 of it’s circumference. These three parts symbolize the trinity of Hinduism. In other words, Brahma – the creator, at the bottom of the lingam; Vishnu- the preserver, in

    the middle; and Shiva – the destroyer and re-creator on top of the lingam (see the picture above left). This also symbolize the 3 stages of Omkaar Brahman – A, U and M

  11. dear writer and others who are trying to preach a western view about another’s religion. I myself am a westerner and not brought up in the Hindu beliefs, but even I in my ignorance can easily understand the symbology and meaning of it goes deeper than the superficial. There are plenty of comments above me that have gone in depth into the subject with good explanations, you and a few others refuse to accept those explanations..that is not questioning your faith that is just as you in your own words have said, rejecting it. You don’t want to know because you are offended by the sexual aspect of the symbology. That is a western puranitical concept and like many christians around the world who do not bother to study their own religion, you would be amazed to find that yes even the christian scriptures have elements of sexuality to describe the relationship between man and God. Read the book of Solomon for one. There is nothing vulgar about what we are, the vulgarity comes from how we act and how we percieve ourselves, just as Adam and Eve were unafraid to walk around naked but after the fall found themselves ashamed. If you want to reject your religion, go ahead. But please do not pretend that you are questioning it, people who question are willing to hear and know the answers instead of just blocking all out as you yoursel admit you are doing when your friend tries to explain. Rejecting your sensuality does not bring peace and love to the world, we can see from various religions which repress that sensual aspect of God that such actions only aim to hinder our nature and try to bind it in vain laws. We are sexual and sensual beings..the universe is created from that aspect. Look around you at nature and learn to accept your place in this world.

    • The Linga in Sanskrit has different meanings –
      shapeless, without organs, long drum like, etc.
      Which explains the adjectives like “NIRAKAR”
      given to Lord Shiva. And thus a Shiv-linga is in
      non human shape.
      penis is called linga by some people due to its
      shape…the actual word for penis is “Shishna”
      in sanskrit. In hindi also linga means sex not
      sexual organ.
      Shiva Linga here means, Shiva without form…
      it is like when we die our soul is called “Linga
      Shiva being worshiped as Linga means the
      Consciousness in its primodal form.
      Thus Shivalinga is the state of god, just before
      the manifestation of Universe, a little before
      bag bang.

  12. Mr Foolish Writer, its Vatican City, European countries are after to destroy our sanatan dharma by referring a negative meanings. I will tell you, shiva lingam means in sanskrit as a MARK, its is the shape of UNIVERSES
    The ancient scripture Linga Purana says that the foremost Linga is devoid of smell, colour, taste, etc., and is spoken of as ‘Prakriti’ or Nature itself. In the post-Vedic period, the Linga became symbolical of the generative power of Lord Shiva.

    The Linga is like an egg, and represents the ‘Brahmanda’ or the cosmic egg. Linga signifies that the creation is effected by the union of ‘Prakriti’ and ‘Purusha,’ the male and the female powers of Nature. Linga also signifies ‘Satya,’ ‘Jnana’ and ‘Ananta’ – Truth, knowledge and Infinity.

    The 3 Parts of a Shiva Linga

    A Shiva Linga consists of three parts, the lowest of which is called the ‘Brahma-Pitha,’ the middle one, the ‘Vishnu-Pitha’ and the uppermost one, the ‘Shiva-Pitha.’

    The Holiest Shiva Lingas of India

    There are 12 ‘Jyotir-lingas’ and 5 ‘Pancha-bhuta Lingas’ in India. The dozen Jyotir-lingas are: Kedarnath, Kashi Vishwanath, Somnath, Baijnath, Rameswar, Ghrusneswar, Bhimshankar, Mahakal, Mallikarjun, Amaleshwar, Nageshwar and Tryambakeshwar. The 5 Pancha-bhuta Lingas are: Kalahastishwar, Jambukeshwar, Arunachaleshwar, Ekambareshwar of Kanjivaram and Nataraja of Chidambaram. The temple of Lord Mahalinga at Tiruvidaimarudur known also as Madhyarjuna is regarded as the great Shiva temple of South India.

    The Quartz Shiva Linga

    The ‘Sphatika-linga’ is made up of quartz. It is prescribed for the deepest kind of worship of Lord Shiva. It has no color of its own, but takes on the color of the substance which comes in contact with it. It represents the ‘Nirguna Brahman’ or the attribute-less Supreme Self or the formless Shiva.

    What the Linga Means to Devotees

    There is a mysterious or indescribable power or ‘Shakti’ in the Linga, to induce concentration of the mind, and helps focus one’s attention. That is why the ancient sages and seers of India prescribed Linga to be installed in the temples of Lord Shiva.

    For a sincere devotee, the Linga is not merely a block of stone. It is all-radiant – talks to him, raises him above body-consciousness, and helps to communicate with the Lord. Lord Rama worshiped the Shiva Linga at Rameshwaram. Ravana, the learned scholar, worshiped the golden Linga for its mystical powers.

    • I agree with this lady, I hate worshipping Shiva’s penis. These fake justification stories need 2 be thrown in bin. I am a Vaishnava and do NOT consider myself a hindu. but worship only one god and am happy with Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana and Vedas/upanishad. I just can’t stand SHIVA and his disgusting drug addict gang. The fools who say Sri Ram worshipped Shiva penis is wrong. It is NOT found in Valmiki Ramayana …its just found in SHITTY sHIVA BOOKS. Fools worship a LINGA and YONI and say its ultimate.

  13. Friends,

    There is a misconception. The form of Shivling is not an organ representation but it is the first form of energy as per research. When formless energy takes form, the first form it assumes is this oval shaped form which is venerated as Shivling. Now the human sex organs mimic the universal creation form and aspect because as universe creates so will be the micro creators like humans and others whose organs will bear a resemblance to creation. Thus this is the other way than most people think. That is why even in Mahayana, a buddhist way of enlightenment, there are ways where human sex organs are looked upon to be used in ways to enlighten and realize truth but not just sex thus people who can understand this aspect are allowed to know more otherwise most will just end up confusing everything with sex.One has to lift him/herself above the ideas of sexuality to understand this.
    Warm Regards
    Amit Singh Luthra

  14. Hinduism is taught as an animistic cult in Western Religions courses in the US. It is a religion created by aBrahmin or Priest, Upper Caste, to lure and seduce women of lower economic status. Even today in Varanasi Temples, devdasis are nothing but, sex-slaves of the sanyasis and yogis. In a modern world, such denigration of women as a mere piece of meat is appalling.

  15. Writer,

    Now, let us suppose that it is Shiva’s penis. Will that make it obscene? The fact that 830 some million Hindus, educated and uneducated, sophisticated and simple, at least most of them, do not think as such, is beside the point. Is the human body, male or female or a part thereof, obscene? If it is, then God is the biggest pornographer.

    In Michealangelo’s painting, Creation, Adam is stark naked with his genital fully exposed. Does anyone think that that is an obscene painting? The largest number of nude paintings, in any one place, is on the ceilings of Sistine Chapel in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Are they obscene?

    What make something obscene or not, is its intended purpose or motivation for displaying it. Do you get the same feelings when you look at the above mentioned paintings, as when you look at Playboy or Playgirl or Hustler Magazines?

    Are the feelings we get when watching a woman dancing in a club, topless, with firm or not so firm breasts (if they are two sagging pouches, forget it, the owner of the club lost his investments) and watching another woman, lifting her blouse and the bra to feed her infant? Absolutely not, although both are the same organ. One is obscene. The other is not.

    In Hindu philosophy, it is the duty of all living things to procreate. When, where, why, and with whom it is done make it right or wrong.

    1. In the world the most important thing is regeneration or reproduction.
    2. Birth is said to be the most sacred thing which living organism can have.
    3. No matter how much intelligence is with any living organism, the living ones always try to protect the birth of their next generation. E.g. Even the birds and snakes find out the safest place to put their eggs. All living bodies try to protect and generate the next generation.
    4. With one drop of sperm, the whole body of baby is formed – Life is born. (Amazing ..!). The regeneration happens only when one achieve the highest satisfaction of “Samaagam”.
    4. The highest point of meditation is when your mind is at zero- means one has no thought in his/her mind. The highest point of empty mind is achieved when one has “Samagam”

    The Linga and Yoni is treated as most sacred thing in the world because it is reproductive organ of the body. The reproduction itself is most sacred part of life. SO
    “Shiv-Linga” is representing the “Linga” means the energy which put “LIFE” into the body. That’s why it is worshiped.

    Shiv-Linga is a pure and strong SCIENCE SYMBOL.

    — Understand the meaning behind everything, before criticize it.

  16. This is most common blunder misconception about shivalingam worship, arises due to blind following of the ‘research’ carried out by so called west scholars, whose minds are so obessed with sex and bible, that they cant think beyond it,and our ‘slave mentality’ blindly follows it.If you search about shivalingam in google you will find so called ‘Phallus worshipping’ spreads out throughout the internet.But my brother/Sister These are not true at all.”Lingam” is a sanskrit word which is having more than 20 meaning but These so called scholar sees only one meaning i.e “Phallus”.You should not gather your knowledge from any tom,dick & harry type of source and conclude errorneously about Hinduism.
    ‘Lingam Worship’ having a very vedic significance.As we know all hinduism principle starts from vedas only.You should see “The Complete Works Of Swami Vivekananda Vol-4 chapter – “The Paris Congress of the History Of religion”.Go and read it.I could have written here also but i cant quote whole chapter and order to avoid further confusion one should read whole chapter.
    I hope I have been able to remove your misconception about “Lingam Worship”.

  17. Dear writer,
    you and scores of people like you all over the world are forgetting the beauty and power of creation. If a women breastfed her child in the bus, would you look at her in disgust or would you cast a sideways lewd look at her? Looks like you might! Since when did the phallus, vagina or human breasts become a ‘vulgarity?’. Clearly, this was not so in ancient India. The same way we admire fake glitter nails or colored, permed hair today, each part of human body was admired in ancient india.

    We are designed in the form of god.Fat or thin, wrinkled or smooth skin, we celebrated human existence. We have a god for love (kaamadeva) and godess for sex(ratidevi) and this symbolically represents the intense link between love and sex.Also, sex is also a divine and sacred act. It is with the infiltration of western thoughts, that aspects like sex lost their divinity. Now, a phallus reminds you perhaps of a disgusting porn movie! That is why u are saying: ” I am not that kind of a person”.

    Dear friend, open your eyes. Shiva and Parvathy in Union are the symbolic representation of creation and when you see the sivalinga next, think of the wonder, the joy, the eternity, the magnificence of creation. Sexual union is a lot of things including love, peace, joy and bliss when it is perceived in the right way. And you asked what should you pray.rt? Pray for love, for knowledge and for eternal peace.

    • I don’t encourage sex in temples. We know the fact that reproductive organs are part of our bodies and sex is a part of reproduction and they are essential. But I oppose that the sex organs are our Gods. If sex is a sacred thing, we can allow people have sex in temples itself rather than going to any other lodges or something else. The porn pictures on the walls of the temples imply that we can lust and commit mistakes in the name of sacred thing?…. KAMA is a big sin. Isn’t it? And we Hindhus have God KAMADEV and RATI DEVI. So should we worship Kama? I think we East are far more disguisting than the west in this matter. God is the symbol of Truth, Love, Peace, Joy, Eternity, Life., BUT NOT THE SYMBOL OF SEX AND SEX ORGANS. Please think broad. And search for more information.

    • dear aruna, does this mean that you believe lingam is penis and yoni is parvati’s vagina? and we should make that union holy? well i don’t say people who worship that is bad. but please leave me alone. i can’t stomach that. and please stop criticising bible when somebody questions you about hinduism. try to explain to them the facts about it.

  18. Dear author,
    I completely agree with your thoughts. In fact I am equally confused. I am amazed at the comments – not a single one answers your question or clarifies your confusion (including madhab bhatta above, who says that the religion’s teachings matches with science…) Anyone? Please reply with meaningful words instead of asking the writer to go learn more…(from where? and what?).

    Hoping to see some comments that might bring some clarity to the questions raised.

  19. Dear Writer, Probably you may not know the core of hinduism. Shivalinga represents the creation of everythhing. it is in the firm of seeds not the penis as ur surface eye saw it. I had also so many misunderstanding about our religion. I tried to get te answer from many sources. As thhat is the oldest religion there are many interpretations and missinterpretations in our religion. to find the true religion I used to go Churches and even used to discuss with Muslim friends when I was in Dubai. I always used to compare religion with science. I had created my own logic that if it is true religion then this should have common things accepted by science. I had asked with priest and maulana so many times about the creation of human in the earth. According to Bible and Koran they had the same answer about 6000 years ago. When i read the Gita there has written that the story of Ramayan is abt 1.7 million yrs ago. this kind of vast difference had made me to feel like any of the religions are not true. It was the matter of 2004 there was news publised abt NASA’s investigation, which found the bridge (between India and Srilanka)made by Ram was abt 1.7 million yrs old.
    This incident made me to believe about our religion.

    At last it is true that there are lots of illusions abt Shiva and other trinities (Brama, Bisanu, Mahesowr) I suggest the writer to attain some of the OM SHANTI classes to get rid of this kind of illusions.
    Om Nama Shivaya


  21. So, if a person cannot question why his religion is making him worship a PENIS, then there is definitely something wrong with that religion.

      • dear sunita giri jee, thanks for being frank. not getting muddled by the concept once a hindu will always be a fanatic hindu. hinduism is not a religion rather a nation. from the beginning it is a pursuit of God. buddha is one of such kind. so if some hindus find christianity and muslim, sikh and jainism why we can’t accept them as hindus ( indians) religions too and respect them neverthless.

  22. Dear Shri or Shrimati X, who has written the article seems to be of that modern brat brigade whose parents ensure that they have no ‘wants’ in their lives. Such “aaram ki zindagi” ensures that they look upon the world superficially and have probably destroyed their great power of deep thinking – the power to look beyond the skin level – and into the actual idea.
    Just because your feet get dirty you avoid a visit – how very absurd!! Anyway, my dear, I will not get into detailed discussions and analysis about Hinduism (kindly do not try to learn about Hinduism from Western authors/translators like Griffith, etc) but it might just be sufficient to say that you would look much better with your mouth shut (figuratively, of course!).

  23. I fully support “Prativa” ji. I don’t have anything to say except that “the author has to learn more”. One can easily say that about her knowledge in hinduism by her words. Thank god that many Nepali people are not reading her words otherwise she would have spent few years reading all the comments people would post. Note to author: PLEASE GIVE SOME TIME TO WATCH RELIGIOUS (e.g. Om nama sibaya) PROGRAMS OR BOOKS RATHER THAN SEX AND THE CITY,….. blah blah…and you will learn more. Well here we have to thank India for making those wonderful serials.

  24. did you take that picture? did you ask that woman why she made her face like that? may be some one made that linga look vulgar, it is the artist’s mistake. but in temple we worship are not as vulgar as that one. and please don’t criticize any religion. people have faith on it, and think 1000 times before you write something and try to show your self as a revolutionist. once there was a lady lawayer who wanted to file a case against the KUMARI pratha and destroying that kids childhood. OHHH PLEASE even if u have western thoughts keep it in west don’t try to practice it in east. If you don’t worship GOD then ok, we are not interested in it if you go temple or temple is clean or not. if u r hindu, hope atleast u take a name of one god once a day, may be u feel like goign to temple when u feel low ( it’s true though u say you do not like) can’t u wash u r leg once they get dirty? Any way hope nepali and indian Shiva sena leaders don’t read your article. about comparing blue movie with the kamasutra art, i did not understand that. nice to know that u do not hunt for blue movies

    • @Sangesh and @prativa यो कसैको आस्था माथिको प्रहार होइन | आफ्नो विचार मात्र हो | तपाई मान्नु नमान्नु तपाइको विचार |

      सुनीता जी लाइ मन नपरे पनि मेरो बिचारमा शिब लिंग एउटा उत्कृस्ट कला हो – तेसैले त सम्पूर्ण हिन्दुहरु ले यो मुर्ति लाइ अश्लिल नमानेर देवताको रुपमा पूजा गरेका हुन् | कसैले माने पनि नमाने पनि सृस्टि को लागि लिंग र योनिको संगम नभई हुदैन | …धार्मिक मानिस हरु सबै जोगी भै दिए भने कसले सन्तान उत्पादन गर्ने ? तेसैले येस्तो कला र टुडालहरुमा भएका सम्भोगरत आकृतिहरु निर्माण गरिएको हुनु पर्छ |

      तर पहिले देखि चलेको चलन गलत हुदैन भनेर भन्न पनि मिल्दैन ! पृथिबी कचौरा जस्तो छ भन्ने पुरातन “सत्य” लाइ गलत भन्दैमा मर्नु परेको इतिहास पनि छ |

      म सुनिताजी को कुरामा पूर्ण रुपमा सहमत नभए पनि — येस्तो कुराको बारेमा गरमागरम बहस हुनु जरुरि छ भन्ने ठान्दछु | मनमा लागेको कुरा गुम्स्याएर राख्नु हुदैन र येस्तो कुरागर्न रोक्नु पनि हुदैन – आज रोके पनि भोलि कसै न् कसै ले गरी हाल्छ |
      बरु येस्तो कुरा गर्ने लाइ कसरि मुख भरी को जवाफ दिने सो को तयारि गरौ न् |

    • You indirectly agree that you worship vulgar things. Want proof? Go through your own comment once again. Your inner soul itself tells that you are worshipping the vulgar thing instead of real God. But you are not at all ready to accept it. Because you are convinced in worshiping the reproductive organs and you are habituated to it. If you really accept praying to the sex organs, then why did you say the picture is vulgar? Don’t you know they are sex organs of Shiv and Parvati? Then what if the idol is vulgar or not vulgar… Your soul is telling that you are doing wrong ( praying them). Accept it. Please think broad. Know that God is the symbol of Truth, Love, Sacrifice Peace, Joy, Life, Eternity., but not the SYMBOL OF SEX OR SEX ORGANS.

      Try to find out who is the real only GOD. If you are unable to find go through the hints that I have given. The one who sacrifised himself to give us eternal life.

      • miss ankita did u notice the symbol that shows about the one you mentioned is a heart or heart with thorns around it. is there anything more powerful than love (the heart symbol) and the person tho he is powerful willing to come and sacrifice cos he loves us so much. is there any obscenity about him or his teachings. why these people bring out previous chapters instead of mentioning the actual chapters which actually make mention of the one who gave us eternal life. why ignore the chance of having eternal life

      • ı thınk god is everything including sex organes why we need to give a form to the formless everything is a symbol from god

  25. dear writer (i cudn’t find out the name or gender). first of all i was amazed to know that being a hindu u came to know so late that we hindus worship shivlinga. u r making fun of such a religion which is the oldest and third largest living religion in earth. even the western world is so much impressed of our Vedas and Purans. i think u wud hate to know that most of the people in western countries have read our Holly Gita. the word OHM has such power that it is pronounced by people all over the world while they r in meditation. Shiv ling resembles the creation of lives in this earth. remember u r also a creature. ya i do not need to make u understand what does it really mean coz u can read enough information on internet or some other books. u dont go to temple does that make any sense? its ur choice. oh u think that temples are dirty so walk on bare feet. dont u think u r also a citizen of the country, then who is suppose to clean it? r u a prince or princess that u cant walk on the uncleaned floor? wat do u think about the millions of people around the world who have never seen shoes or slippers?
    dear sir or madam ,, u r always free to have ur own view on anything but do mind before hating anything because there might be millions loving it.
    gud day

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