Shristi Shrestha denied Bollywood debut rumour, did Priyanka Karki steal her role?

There was a rumour about Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha, to debut in a Bollywood movie. The rumour was about her role in a movie titled ‘Sandeep Aur Pinki Farar’, planned to be shot in Nepal and made under Yashraj Banner. But, the actress has denied the rumour and has told that it was a false information. In the Facebook she wrote, “Information might be power but disinformation is abuse of the power.”

According to report, Shristi had gone to Mumbai for the audition of the movie. She left the shooting of ‘Romeo and Muna’ in East Nepal to go to Mumbai. But, before the production banner made the decision of the audition, the rumour was released in media. The actress was stressed out when she received numerous congratulatory messages. She finally wrote a message that the news of her debuting in Bollywood was false. She wrote, “Dear supporters, I would like to inform you all that the recent news stating that I am debuting in Indian cinema right now is false. Please do not misled or misinformed.”

Although Shristi has told it to be false, some believe that she has already landed in the role in the Bollywood movie.

In another report, actress Priyanka Karki also went to Mumbai for the audition of the same role in the same movie. Priyanka left the promotion of ‘Fateko Jutta’ and went to India with her boyfriend. (I had also written about Priyanka’s travel to India at the time of the release of her movie.)

Priyanka hasn’t responded to the report of her audition in India yet. Although it is not know who is going to debut in the Bollywood – it would certainly open a new avenue to the actress once they are featured in a Bollywood movie.

Shristi had previously worked in India in modelling assignments and was also featured in an unplugged version of popular song ‘Kabhi Jo Badaal Barse’. In Nepali movie, Shristi debuted opposite to Anmol KC in ‘Gajalu.

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