Shristi Shrestha met with an accident. What had happened?

Miss Nepal 2012 and ‘Gajalu’ debut actress Shristi Shrestha met with an accident and was admitted to a hospital in Kathmandu. Shristi later confirmed the accident by sharing a photo of herself with a cast on her hand.

As expected, the accident caused various types of rumours in the film industry. Let me list out the rumours that went around:

  • Shristi tried to commit suicide. The reason was told to be the issues with the ‘Lahure’ team. Shristi is currently shooting for her next movie ‘Lahure’ being produced by Sunil Rawal. (may be untrue)
  • It is rumoured that there was an issue between the producer, Durgesh Banner (Sunil Rawal) and the director Nigam Shrestha. Shristi was not happy when the producers decided to kick the director of Nigam out of the film team. The movie is in the last stage of shooting and removal of the director from the team is yet to be confirmed.(unconfirmed)
  • Shristi met with life-threatening accident. (not true)

To clear the issue Shristi shared her photo and a short statement about her condition.

What happened to Shristi Shrestha?

According to Shristi’s statement in Facebook, she was struck by a falling Cupboard in Pulchowk apartment on July 1. She was rushed to Norvic hospital and she went through a surgery. Shristi wrote:

Hi everyone, thank you all for your concern. I just wanted to let you know that I had a little acident. But, I am well and recovering. My cupboard hand I had a bit of an altercation and I hurt my right hand. But, after a minor surgery at Norvic, I am now ell on the road to recovery. I look forward to getting back to work and finishing the few scenes left in Laure as soon as possible.

The accident happened on Saugat’s Birthday. In his Facebook, Saugat has deleted all the photos from his Facebook profile and request people not to spread any rumors.

According to reports, Saugat had requested the ‘Lahure’ team to delay Shristi’s shooting by a couple weeks and he had also stated that Shristi  has nothing to do with the controversy between the director Nigam shrestha and Sunil Rawal the producer.

I with Shristi a quick recovery !

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