Shweta Khadka & Majhi Basti controversy

Actress Shweta Khadka announced the construction of Majhi Basti in 2017. For that, she had registered an organization after her late husband Shree Krishna Shrestha.

The Shweta Shree Foundation’s website says:

Shweta Shree Foundation (SSF) was established on 26th February, 2017, as a non-profit,charity oriented towards social service. SSF focuses on providing help to underprivileged and ultra-poor people so that they can help themselves to face their economic and social hardships and eventually become independent. The Foundation was established in the fond memory of Late Shreekrishna Shrestha, one of the famous cine and theater actors of Nepal, by his life companion Mrs. Ranjana Khadka who is well-known by her nick name SHWETA.

The first and the only project the foundation has done so far is Majhi basti settlement:

The website says “earthquake resistant Integrated Settlement Project for the Majhi community to be implemented in Sindhupalchok district by Shweta Shree Foundation is a model project.”

Shweta Khadka – led team visited that community on February 6, 2017 to prepare the framework of the construction. They identified 62 Mahji families who had lost their residence by the earthquake of 2015.

The team designed children and disabled-friendly buildings and estimated the cost of construction to be 7 lakh. In addition a community building, a children’s park, open space, stone paved roads were to be constructed in the community. For the settlement 20 ropani of land was acquired and each building was assigned four anna area.

The money for the settlement was generated by:
– Collecting the government grants
– Local investment and
– Foundation’s grants

There is no mention of loan to the residents. Shweta Khadka however negotiated to grant a Rs. 400,000 loan to the residents. That in addition to the government grant of Rs. 300,000 – the houses were constructed at the cost of Rs. 700,000. Yes, no cost to the Foundation at all (no Foundation’s grants).

Now, she has claimed that the project was Public-Private partnership model.

The foundation is building basic infrastructural facilities. The issue is transparency.

There is no information about the collection of funds and the expenditure. Shweta has used long statement telling about how she feels. She hasn’t revealed a single data. No information about the rupees figure.

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