Shweta’s Kanchhi to compete with Anmol’s Kri in Valentine

The release date of upcoming movie of Anmol KC ‘Kri’ has been finalized for Magh 26 (February 9). The date is the same date in which, Shweta Khadka’s comeback movie ‘Kanchhi’ was previously finalized. It these two movies are released in the same day, it would be a huge clash for them as both of them are the most awaited movies of the current time.

I had prepared a video report of Shweta’s movie ‘Kanchhi’ yesterday about how the song of the movie is setting record viewership.

About ‘Kri’

The release date of ‘Kri’ was was announced by the producer Subash Giri in Facebook after the completion of the shooting of the movie in Pokhara.

The movie featuring Anmol KC and Aditi Budhathoki in leading role is a romantic and action movie. According to the production team, the trailer of the movie is set to release in the first week of Mangsir.

The movie created a hype in the film industry after it announced an unheard of amount to the actor Anmol – Rs. 20 lakh for the role. Anmol was locked in for the movie for more than a year and all his activities were restricted. The secrecy and mystery has created a curiosity among the viewers. Anmol is the only actor in the Nepali film industry whose all movies are hit so far.

The movie produced by Subas Giri and Bhuwan KC is directed by Surendra Poudel.

About ‘Kanchhi’

The comeback movie of Shweta Khadka is the first movie the actress has been featured without late Shree Krishna Shrestha in her opposite. She says that, the is producing the movie to honour her late husband. Shree Krishna died after a month of marrying Shweta and a day after the release of his last movie ‘Khoinoor’.

In the movie Shweta is featured opposite to Dayahang Rai. After releasing a music video, Shweta had recently unveiled the release date of the movie. In less than a week of the release, the song of the movie has received more than 1.5 million views.

Which one to watch in the Valentine Week of 2018?

For viewers, it really doesn’t matter how many movies are released in a week. As for the cost, watching movies don’t cost fortune to have a fix budget to spend on them. So, if the movies seem good to watch, they can watch two or more movies in a week. But, if they are not good to watch, they won’t watch a single one.

It is only the first few days a considerable impulse viewership can be seen seen after that what matter is the amount of mouth publicity and media coverage.

I think, for the film makers too it would be a win-win situation if they have made it great.

And, actress Jiya KC is with Bhuwan KC in Pokhara where the shooting of ‘Kri’ was completed.:

I think, adding the following video about their relationship makes sense:

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