Sumina Ghimire borrows Rajesh Hamal statement – says she is not virgin

Nepali film magazine ‘Kamana’ has published a cover story about Nepali actress Sumina Ghimire in which she says – although she is unmarried she isn’t a virgin girl. If it weren’t Nepal (or South Asia, for that matter), the statement wouldn’t be of any surprise. We should appreciate Sumina’s courage to tell the truth. Similar statement of unmarried Nepali actor was much talked about in the past.

sumina ghimire - kamana cover

In the lights of rumors and events about her close relationships with the producers of her movies, the statement might not be of any surprise to many. But, such a public statement by any Nepali actresses about their out-of-marriage sexual relationship is rare in Nepali movie industry.

Every actress in the industry tries to convey that she remains virgin till marriage. It’s an irony that another actress, Jiya KC has told that she is still a virgin in the same cover. Jiya KC is the actress who had publicly admitted of going to actor Bhuwan KC‘s house and lived with him.

At this age, there is no point in making a fuss about virginity. Virginity shouldn’t be made a matter of pride.

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