Sushma Adhikari, an artist’s take of the hot model and actress

One of the top models in Nepali music industry, Sushma Adhikari, hasn’t been successful in her movie acting. She has acted in a few Nepali movies and she had also acted in Bhojpuri movie, but none of them became successful. The following art by @theTakla in Twitter is a true representation of Sushma – she loves sharing selfies and she also shows off her body whenever she can. (the art was shared by the Sushma in her Instagram profile.)

Sushma started acting in Nepali movie ‘Pipal’ in 2014. The first movie failed to impress the viewers. Sushma’s second Nepali movie ‘Anautho Premkatha’ also followed the same path. After the second attempt, Sushma busied herself in music videos and modelling.

Sushma is not a fan of exercise but she does Yoga every morning. She drinks a lot of water, at least 5 litres a day. She loves cooking and she is a religious person. She visits temples often. Instead of offering money to the statue in the temple, she gives money to beggars and elderly people. Sushma is proud of her body and prefers to show off whenever possible. As summer is the time one can open up, she loves warm days to winter.

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Here are some hot photos of the actress:

Sushma Adhikari in a swimming pool:

Sushma during makeup for a shooting

A selfie shot of Sushma Adhikari:

Summer shot of Sushma Adhikari in shorts:

Swimsuit photo of Sushma

This is a last world cup’s photo. As this year’s World cup nears, she has shared the photo of herself posing in Argentina jersey:

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