Sushma Karki to be featured in Bindaas sequel

The movie of actress Sushma Karki ‘Bindaas’ had created come controversy and it had helped the movie to gain audience. The movie has cashed on sex and vulgarity (our review of ‘Bindaas’).

In a latest news, the producer wants the ‘Bindaas’ saga to continue with the making of it’s sequel.

‘Bindaas’ started with an announcement that Sushma Karki had agreed to ‘open up’ for 3 lakh. And the movie was all about sex and vulgarity. Our reviewer had found that the nothing was done well in the movie. But, the movie did a decent business. It was also recently shown in Qatar.

The producer Madhu Kumar Shrestha has told that the sequel ‘Bindaas 2’ will start from the place the first part had ended. The sequel will also be directed by ‘Bindaas’ director Raju Giri. Director Raju Giri is known for his conflicts with his actress including Sushma during the design of ‘Bindaas’ poster. Let’s hope he has learnt from his previous mistakes.

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