Vicky Malla and Surabhi Bista in hunger strike

Actress Mausami Malla‘s son Vicky Malla was seen in the hunger strike of film artists with his co-star in ‘Samaya’, Surabhi Bista. After debuting in Nepali movie industry in ‘Samaya’ two of them are usually seen together and they were sitting together in the hunger strike.

vickey malla and surabhi bista in strike

With tika on their forehead and flower garlands on their neck, they look like married couple. When a journalist asked them about being together in the strike, tried to imply that the togetherness was a mere coincidence.

On the 11th day of strike against government, various artists have been volunteering on  a 24-hour long rely-hunger strike. After government appointed Pappu to head FDB against the demand of protesting artists, the protest has received a renewed energy from the film artists.

Vicky’s mother, Mausami has been one of the most active participant in the protest. In the first phase of the strike in December, Mausami had participated in a 3-days-long hunger strike in spite of her doctor’s suggestion against such a strike for medical reason. She had also suggested that her upcoming movie, ‘Samaya’ release might be postponed if the government didn’t comply with their demand. ‘Samaya’ is scheduled to release on this Friday (February 1, 2013).

Video of interview with Vicky and Surabhi:

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