Sweta Khadka to donate Kohinoor collection in the USA to earthquake victims

Actress Sweta Khadka has expressed deep sorrow on the devastating earthquake in Nepal. The actress currently in the USA for her treatment and to show the movie Kohinoor has told that she also wants to help the victims. To show her support she has announced that all the income made by the movie show in the USA will go towards the earthquake relief in Nepal.

sweta khadka and shreekrishna shrestha

In addition to support, Sweta has also asked everybody to be strong and deal with the problem. She also asked people to say our family and help everybody in whatever way they can.

Sweta also shared a photo of herself with late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha. Sweta hasn’t fully recovered from the mourning of the death of Shree. They were married a month before Shree Krishna died. ‘Kohinoor’ was the last movie Shree Krishna is featured. Shree had introduced Sweta in the super hit movie ‘Kaha Bhetiyela’. Kohinoor is the second home production movie of Shree Krishna featuring the couple in the leading role. Shree Krishna had died a day after the release of the movie. The movie had made a record business in Nepal.

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