Archana Paneru authorized to be an actress by the government, Jism approved by FDB

I am pretty sure, the story of Archana Paneru, her debut movie ‘Jism’ and the role of Film Development Board (FDB) and FDB Chief Raj Kumar Rai is much more interesting than the film itself.

The story goes like:

A controversial director, Raju Giri, met a much more controversial girl Archana Paneru. Giri and his team prepared a story around Archana and borrowed the name of the movie Bollywood actress Sunny Leone debuted in Bollywood with. Sunny debuted in ‘Jism 2’ and Archana is all set to debut in ‘Jism’. The script and the details of the movie was submitted to the government agency FDB for approval.

The news was shocking to many film industry insiders. At the same time, the hype of Archan was too good to ignore. Archana was invited to a meeting by some producers and directors. Right after the meeting, Archana named the producers who had asked for anonymity. Some named the incident, “playing with dirt,” it was bound to get you dirty.

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Archana Paneru movie Jism renamed Archana, Raju Giri admits mistakes

After a week long tussle, director Raju Giri has given up to he heavy weight government regulator – Film Development Board (FDB) and has admitted his mistakes. In a press meet organized in Kathmandu on Wednesday – March 30, 2016, Raju Giri had told that he had done a huge mistake of starting the shooting of the movie without first gaining the script approval from the Board. Reading a written statement, Raju Giri admitted of creating controversies for the promotion of the movies.

Video report on the issue:

In the press meet, lead actress Archana Paneru, her mother Sunita Paneru and other artists were present with director Raju Giri. Director Shovit Basnet was also seen at the press meet.

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