Nepali Movie – Samarpan (New)

Nepali Movie – Samarpan
Starring – Kailash Tamang, Ranju Sharma, Rubina Sharma, Anu Parajuli, Asha Bhusal etc.
Director – Basanta Niraula

About ‘Samarpan’

A new Nepali movie ‘Samarpan’, released on December 30, 2016, was shot in various locations in Nepal and Bangladesh. The movie presented by Rojan Rakhal is made under Fire Enterprises and Media banner and is made on a story of the relationship between friends. The writer of the movie is Tikaram Rakhal and is produced by Imran Sidhiqui

There is another movie titled ‘Sammarpan’. (Watch ‘Samarpan’ here)

Watch ‘Samarpan’ full movie:
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Nepali Movie – Sajaya

sajaya nameNepali Movie – Sajaya
Starring – Rakesh Ghimire, Pabitra Achary, Sanjiv Pathak, Deepak Chhetri, Surbir Pandit etc.
Director – Basanta Niraula

A presentation of Sanjiv Pathak, Nepali movie ‘Sajaya’ features background music of Prakash Pokharel, choreography of Rupesh Upreti, music of Arjun Pokharel, action of Astha / Dev, cinematography of Rajan Rai, and written by Mohan KC. The editing is done by Prakash Pokharel and Chandan Dutta, produced by Sanjiv Pathak and the concept is prepared by the director Basanta Niraula.

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Holiday announced, musician Tanka Budhathoki starts Studio Nine

The music recording of the upcoming movie ‘Holiday’ started at the inauguration ceremony a music studio. The music studio named Studio Nine is owned by the popular musician Tanka Budhathoki.

Before finalization of the artists, the songs recording of the movie has started. The movie to be made under BN Films is to be directed by Basanta Niraula. A full action movie, ‘Holiday’ will be shot in Nepal and out of country. The song recording has started on the birthday of the director Niraula. The movie contains three songs.

studio nine inaguaration tanka

Although not announced there is a high chance that Aryan Sigdel, Sanchita Luitel, Ramesh Budhathoki, Pabitra Acharya and Sohit Manandhar be featured in the movie. These artists were present in the announcement ceremony.

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Nepali Movie – Rajniti

rajnitiNepali Movie – Rajniti
Starring, Komal Oli, Ramesh Budhatholi, Pabitra Acharya, Dipak Subedi, Sushma Karki etc.
Director – Basanta Niraula

BN Films presentation ‘Rajniti’ is a Dipak Subedi’s movie. This is the debut movie of journalist and singer Komal Oli as an actress. It was also rumored that the censor board had questioned the tattoo on Sushma Karki’s chest in the movie. Sushma is features in a hot item dance. The movie features Asta Maharjan in action, Pradip Shrestha and Shiva BK in choreography, Kiran Michael in script, Arjun Pokharel/Lochan/Shaan in music, Shiva Dhakal in cinematography and Chandan Dutta in editing.

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Nepali Movie – Vijaypath

bijayapathNepali Movie – Vijaypath
Starring -  Nikhil Upreti, Sanchita Luitel, Sushil Chhetri, Pabitra Acharya, Deepak Tripathi, Mithila Sharma, Ganesh Upreti, Raju Giri etc.
Director– Basanta Niraula

A presentation of BN Films, Nepali film ‘Vijaypath’ features top Nikhil and Sanchita in leading roles. The movie features cinematography by Shiva Dhakal, bckground music by Dinesh Sunam, choreography by Kamal Rai / Gobind Rai, action by Astha Maharjan, music by Basanta Sapkota / Santosh Rai, story by BP karki, script / dialogue by Pradeep Bhatta, and editing by Bipin Malla,

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