CYSU youth clean up Bir Hospital

CYSU youth teamed up to clean the Bir Hospital area. Such a voluntary movement is expected to have a long term impact on creating social awareness and impart a feeling of responsibility in people. It is another proof that social media is the next revolution.

Nepal Army and Mountaineering Team volunteers also joined the group to clean up the area helping the volunteer count to reach 100.

Manish Thapa and CYSU Team, in a statement, had told that the effort also inspired the staffs of Bir Hospital to help in cleaning and the Bir Hospital Administration was also very cooperative.


Bir_Hospital_cleaning_up (13)

Bir_Hospital_cleaning_up (10)

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Tainted medicine – time to take action

A bottle of IV fluid purchased in a pharmacy near Bir Hospital contained visible particles in it. The medicine manufactured by Tablets India Pvt. Ltd. shows sheer negligence in manufacturing a fluid that is directly injected in blood vessels.


This should only be an eye opener for the consumer protection bodies in the government to exercise tighter quality control of critical products like medicine – just like the action taken for food hygiene and action against adulteration, last month.