CYSU youth clean up Bir Hospital

CYSU youth teamed up to clean the Bir Hospital area. Such a voluntary movement is expected to have a long term impact on creating social awareness and impart a feeling of responsibility in people. It is another proof that social media is the next revolution.

Nepal Army and Mountaineering Team volunteers also joined the group to clean up the area helping the volunteer count to reach 100.

Manish Thapa and CYSU Team, in a statement, had told that the effort also inspired the staffs of Bir Hospital to help in cleaning and the Bir Hospital Administration was also very cooperative.


Bir_Hospital_cleaning_up (13)

Bir_Hospital_cleaning_up (10)

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Social media is changing the society – Kanti Hospital is only an example

You can do it!

Youth can do it!!

When a photograph of a dirty toilet in Kanti Children Hospital started started making it’s round in the social networking site, Facebook, some energetic youths decided to clean the toilet. The group planned and went to the hospital to clean it up. This was not the first time they had done such praiseworthy work, but such a social movement is unprecedented and will redefine out future!


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London protest held successfully

The voices of Nepali all over the world is being heard, thanks to the recent development in communication and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

A group of Nepali youths in UK organized the protest event in front of the Embassy of Nepal in London to demand the timely constitution and co-operation from the Government. The protest event comprising of about 100 people started at 12pm midday. The protestors chanted slogan, recited poetry, sang songs , gave speech and handed over a letter to the Ambassador of Nepal for UK, to be delivered to speaker of CA.


The protest program ended at 2.15PM when Miss UK Nepal 2010, Nabina Gurung, and bloggers, Lex Limbu and Pradeep Kumar Singh went in the Embassy to handed over a letter and a petition signed by hundreds of participants. The petition demanded the government to draft constitution on time and move ahead for peace and political stability in the country and the letter to the Speaker of CA conveyed the similar message. The Nepali Ambassador to the UK, Dr. Suresh Chandra Chalise, promised to deliver the letter to the speaker of CA. The meeting lasted for about 20 minutes.

More photos from the event (Photo source – Nepali Unites UK)