Photography Tutorial – The Deepesh Show (Episode 1)

deepesh_shresthaDeepesh Shrestha teaches you how to take a great photo. In the first tutorial, Deepesh gives some basic tips on the composition of a photo. Some of the issues Deepesh covers in the video are:

  • Rule of third: photo composition, balance and movement of objects in the photo.
  • Golden ratio: composition of photograph in curve.
  • Rule of triangle: Subject should be in the three triangles on the lower portion.
  • Blurring the distractions: Focusing on subject of interest and simplifying the object.
  • Rule of odds: Odd number o
    f subjects makes a photo interesting.

Watch the video to understand the basics of photo composition:

CYSU youth clean up Bir Hospital

CYSU youth teamed up to clean the Bir Hospital area. Such a voluntary movement is expected to have a long term impact on creating social awareness and impart a feeling of responsibility in people. It is another proof that social media is the next revolution.

Nepal Army and Mountaineering Team volunteers also joined the group to clean up the area helping the volunteer count to reach 100.

Manish Thapa and CYSU Team, in a statement, had told that the effort also inspired the staffs of Bir Hospital to help in cleaning and the Bir Hospital Administration was also very cooperative.


Bir_Hospital_cleaning_up (13)

Bir_Hospital_cleaning_up (10)

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