Salman Khan’s Controversial concert Da-Bangg the Tour Nepal re-scheduled

The controversial tour of Salman Khan, Da-Bangg has been re-scheduled from March 10 to some time in April. That was caused by protest from a Maoist group – the Biplav- Maoist faction. The group had threatened the concert organizers of promoting Indian artists instead of promoting Nepali artists.

Video report about the event cancellation:

According to the organizer, ODC Entertainment, the tour was canceled because of a ‘special reason’. In the statement in Facebook, the organization has told that they have already spent Rs. 100 million for the event to cost an estimated sum of Rs. 150,000,000. Salman Khan is reportedly paid Rs. 50 million in advance for the concert. The date however is yet to be finalized for the concert.

The organizers have told that those who had bought the tickets to the event, will be able to use it for the show in the new date. In the meantime, ticket sell is continuing.

Earlier, the brother of Salman Khan, Sahil Khan had organized a press meet to confirm the event on the scheduled date.

With Salman, other well known Bollywood artists who will also be present in the event. Actress Sonakshi Sinha, Kriti Sanon, Prabhu Deva, Disy Shah, Meet Bros and others are the main attractions of the event. In addition to Bollywood artists, Nepali artists will also perform in the event. The details about the Nepali artists are not made available yet.

Earlier some Nepali actressses had told that they had refused to be part of the event. They had accused the organizers of being rude and asking them to do it for free.

According to reports, the organizers have already sold in excess of 5,000 tickets for the show.

In a press release on March 1, 2018 the entertainment wing of the party had made an announcement that if the event wasn’t canceled all the films of Salman Khan would be banned in Nepal. Read the full press statement in the following Tweet.

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