Nepali Movie – Facebook

facebook movieNepali Movie – Facebook
StarringJharana Thapa, Wilson Bikram Rai, ,Sotantra Pratab Rana, Sunil Thapa, Subash Thapa etc.
DirectorSuraj Subba ‘Nalbo’

The movie ‘Facebook’ is Jharana Thapa and her husband Sunil Kumar Thapa’s home production movie, presented by Jharana Thapa.

We had reviewed the movie – read the review of ‘Facebook’. To know about the technical details of the movie, a pre-release review of ‘Facebook’ was also posted.

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Movie 'Facebook' got a PG certificate

A movie made on the story of social networking site, Facebook, by Jharana Thapa got a PG certificate. Children under 13 years old are required to be accompany an adult to watch the movie with PG certificate.


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