30 protesting film artists arrested

In an effort to lock down the Film Development Board (FDB), the police has arrested 30 film artists on Thursday, January 17. When the police removed the lock the protesting film artists installed on January 9, they had gathered up at the FDB office to lock it down again.

karishma manandhar protest

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National 'Film Day', gone unnoticed

Last year, Ashoj 1st (it is Sept 17, 2012 this year) was announced to be celebrated as the ‘National Film Day’. The first Film Day was celebrated as a week-long program with various film related programs. The main program on the Day was also addressed by the prime minister and top actors of Nepali movie industry like and Rekha Thapa.

But this year, due to the lack of publicity and proper program, nobody knew much the National day. Last year, the Film Development Board president, Ganesh Bhandari initiated the program. At the time when
Ganesh Bhandari has already left the FDB and the post is left vacant, nobody wanted to take a lead in organizing the program. This is the typical example of person-centric programs of Nepal government.

It is also not known about the fate of the decision to form a committee to develop Pokhara as a Film City.

Did you know about today being the National Film Day? Please comment.

Morning shows in theater banned – to stop college students from bunking classes?

Theaters in Nepal are banned to have morning shows, starting before 11 AM. The Film Development Board‎ of Nepal (FDB) has decided to act as moral police to stop the college kids from bunking classes to go to the movie theaters.

But, are the movie theaters the only reason college kids bunk classes?

How about the restaurants? Public parks? or what about the shopping malls where kids can be seen in their uniforms.

Why is it a bad idea ?

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