In secular state, Nepal, police arrest Muslim for selling cow meat

cowIt was back in May 18 of 2006, Nepal was pronounced a secular state and was no longer the ‘only Hindu nation in the world’. But, a news published on Nov. 5 in Kantipur and Himalayan Times implies that Nepal is still a ‘Hindu Kingdom’ in practice.

A Muslim from Siraha, Eastern Nepal, Mohammad Sabir, was arrested on charges of selling cow meat. Muslims don’t worship cows, and the "New Nepal" respects every religions.

Then, why is a Muslim arrested for selling cow meat? Is it only because Hindu (80% of the population) don’t eat it? Well, Muslims don’t eat pigs. Does that mean butchers selling pig meat should be arrested ?

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Swaminarayan Mandir : New Hindu temple in Toronto

I don’t care much about religion or faith. But architecture is a different thing. I however appreciate beautiful architecture whether it is a religious one or non-religious one.

I am fascinated by a Hindu temple, Swaminarayan Mandir, in a Hindu-minority country, Canada. The example of the ancient art and architecture opened officially on July 22, 2007 and is located near Highway 427 and Finch Avenue West, Toronto.

Swaminarayan Mandir

The $40-million project involved more than 2,000 Indian craftsmen. In addition to the craftsmen and about 400 volunteers from Toronto’s Hindu community also volunteered in the construction for more than a year.

The building was constructed by using 24,000 hand-carved pieces of Turkish limestone and Italian Carrara marble. The rock pieces prepared out of Canada, were shipped across the ocean and were assembled in Toronto. It was such a big project and because of the thousands of rock pieces, each of the parts were marked with a bar code to help in the assembly. The construction was like assembling various pieces to make it into the huge temple building.
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