In secular state, Nepal, police arrest Muslim for selling cow meat

cowIt was back in May 18 of 2006, Nepal was pronounced a secular state and was no longer the ‘only Hindu nation in the world’. But, a news published on Nov. 5 in Kantipur and Himalayan Times implies that Nepal is still a ‘Hindu Kingdom’ in practice.

A Muslim from Siraha, Eastern Nepal, Mohammad Sabir, was arrested on charges of selling cow meat. Muslims don’t worship cows, and the "New Nepal" respects every religions.

Then, why is a Muslim arrested for selling cow meat? Is it only because Hindu (80% of the population) don’t eat it? Well, Muslims don’t eat pigs. Does that mean butchers selling pig meat should be arrested ?

As long as the Muslim gets customers for his cow meat, it is nobody’s business to interfere on his rights to do business in secular Nepal. What surprised me more was, the leading newspapers like THT and  Kantipur consider the news a ‘crime’. Attached is the screenshot of the news from online edition of Kantipur.

Disclaimer: I am a Hindu, and I don’t eat cow meat.

5 thoughts on “In secular state, Nepal, police arrest Muslim for selling cow meat

  1. In Nepal 80% of people are Hindus. A country where so many people are Hindus is needed to be considered as a Hindu country even it is declared secular. In Hindu religion cows are of great importance and slaughtering them means slaughtering the whole Hindu religion. Cow is not an animal in Hinduism, it’s the goddess herself. None of the religion(including Muslim) says that one should hurt the feeling of people. If any religion has such a belief then why to hurt their feelings only for the sake of beef. There are different types of meat which Muslims, Christians and Hindus eat such as that of goat. As far as my knowledge pigs are prohibited in Muslim community because it’s a sin to eat, it’s not that pigs are considered as GODS. But in Hinduism, COWS are considered as GODS. So, please for the sake of others religion and to make them happy(as mention by holy Quaran that the greatest gift that one can give is happiness) please prohibit these things.

  2. It amazes me how in the name of idiotic journalism some of these hack Nepalis behave. In Muslim countries do they then allow pork to be sold? How often? Should Nepal then allow beef to be sold in order to adhere to the secular morons? Nepalese journalism as as good as Nepalese movies, not much.

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  4. I think cow is still a national animal or it has been changeD? kasto confuse
    change bhai sakeko bhaye no prob, but if it is still a national animal then you should not sale cow meat ( tara k garne thamel ko resturant haroo le maaja le bechi ra chaan )

    • None of the roadside butchers should be allowed to sell meat as meat is one of the easiest material to be contaminated.
      But, if someone is allowed to eat it why can’t they sell ? Although being Hindu, Sarki communities are allowed to eat beef (they usually let cows fall down the cliff and eat the dead cow as they can’t kill it directly).
      National animal of USA is American Bison. But they eat its meat – legally. (

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