Street patrolling cows in Kathmandu Metropolitan City

It is strange, how come cows are roaming around in the roads of capital city. Due to traffic congestion, there are various restrictions for some vehicles in many roads (some vehicles that are restricted are – Chinese tractor, hand driven cargo carts, diesel auto-rickshaw, pedal driven rickshaw, big trucks, buses and so on).

But, cows are free to roam around without any restrictions.

Balkrishna Dahal took some photos to show some examples of how the cows roam around the city – unrestricted. There isn’t any statistics on how many accidents have occurred due to the presence of animal on the road. But, it should be something the authorities should be concerned about.

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In secular state, Nepal, police arrest Muslim for selling cow meat

It was back in May 18 of 2006, Nepal was pronounced a secular state and was no longer the ‘only Hindu nation in the world’. But, a news published on Nov. 5 in Kantipur and Himalayan Times implies that Nepal is still a ‘Hindu Kingdom’ in practice.

A Muslim from Siraha, Eastern Nepal, Mohammad Sabir, was arrested on charges of selling cow meat. Muslims don’t worship cows, and the "New Nepal" respects every religions.

Then, why is a Muslim arrested for selling cow meat? Is it only because Hindu (80% of the population) don’t eat it? Well, Muslims don’t eat pigs. Does that mean butchers selling pig meat should be arrested ?

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