Shree Krishna Shrestha sends message from hospital bed

Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha has sent an audio message to his fans from the hospital bed. The actor who is being treated for pneumonia in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi hasn’t been able to participate in the promotion of his movie ‘Khoinoor’. Previously scheduled premier show has also been canceled because of the absence of the producers and lead actors of the movie Shree and Sweta Khadka. Shree Krishna and Sweta had married last month and they were in their honeymoon to India.

kohinoor poster

According to the director Aakash Adhikari, a special show of ‘Kohinoor’ for media and few film makers will be held on Friday morning.  Continue reading

Kohinoor director cried when he talked about Shree Krishna Shrestha in a press meet

The director of upcoming movie ‘Kohinoor’, Aakash Adhikari cried during a press meet to talk about the movie. He couldn’t control himself when he remembered the producer and the lead actor of the movie Shree Krishna Shrestha, who fell sick in his honeymoon.

Watch the following video to see the reaction of the director when he remembered Shree:

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