Nepali Movie – The Famous (Surabhi Jain, Sabina Karki)

Nepali Movie – The Famous
Starring – Surabhi Jain, Sabina Karki, Soniya GR, Pramod Khadka, Suman Thapa etc.
Director – Samir Balami

About ‘The Famous’

The love story movie ‘The Famous’ is about the love not only towards one person but towards more than one person. The triangular-love story movie mostly features new faces and ‘Samaya’ actress Surabhi Jain and ‘ATM’ famed Sabina Karki (Watch ‘Samaya’ here and watch ‘ATM’ here). A double love story and family drama movie, ‘The Famous’ was released on November 18, 2016. (release news) The background of one of the songs in the movie was made entirely by computer graphics.

The director Samir Balami has also written the script of the movie. The cinematographer is Ashok Karki, editor is Suresh Chaudhary, and special effects by Madhukar Balami. The movie features the music of Santosh Pragad and Tanka Budhathoki.

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Nepali Movie – Bheti

bhetiNepali Movie – Bheti
StarringRekha Thapa, Rajendra Khadgi, Ragini Khadgi, Pramod khadka, Bishnu Sapkota, Kishor chaudahry, Deepak Adhikari, Mukunda Thapa etc.
Directior – Kishor Chaudhary

A movie by Narayan Khatiwada, ‘Bheti’ was released on November 2, 2012. Rekha Thapa’s role in the movie is said to be short but effective role. Ragini is featured with her dad Rajendra Khadgi in the movie. The screenplay and the story of the movie is written by the director Kishor Chaudhary.

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Nepali Movie – Lafada

lafada 1Nepali Movie – Lafada
StarringMukesh Dhakal, Jharana Thapa, Ragini Khadgi, Pramod Khadka, Nirajan Pradhan, Dipen Shrestha, Sunil Thapa, Sunil Dutta Pandey, Sanjog Khatiwada, Ashok Shrestha etc.
Director – Kishor Chaudhary

‘Lafada’ is an action family drama movie presented by Narayan Khatiwada. The movie features all the entertainment aspect to satisfy all types of film viewers.

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