Bheti and Lafada producer Narayan Khatiwada found dead in a hotel

Nepali film producer Narayan Khatiwada is found dead in a hotel in Kathmandu at round 3 PM on Wednesday, December 10, 2014. He had checked in room number 103 of Hotel Hardik in Bagbazar on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, when nobody answered the door of his room, the room was forced open to find Khatiwada dead.

Tihar Photo: Narayan Khatiwada’s sisters’ wishes for long life in the Tihar couldn’t save him.

narayan khatiwada tihar photo

Originally from Chitwan, Khatiwada had recently completed the shooting of his third movie, ‘Mero Manche’. He had also produced movies ‘Bheti’ (Watch Bheti here) and ‘Lafada’ (watch ‘Lafada’ here).

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Nepali Movie – Bheti

bhetiNepali Movie – Bheti
StarringRekha Thapa, Rajendra Khadgi, Ragini Khadgi, Pramod khadka, Bishnu Sapkota, Kishor chaudahry, Deepak Adhikari, Mukunda Thapa etc.
Directior – Kishor Chaudhary

A movie by Narayan Khatiwada, ‘Bheti’ was released on November 2, 2012. Rekha Thapa’s role in the movie is said to be short but effective role. Ragini is featured with her dad Rajendra Khadgi in the movie. The screenplay and the story of the movie is written by the director Kishor Chaudhary.

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Four more movies released on Nov. 2

All four movies released on Dashain were unsuccessful to get enough audience to recoup the investment. But, that hasn’t slowed the frequency of new releases. Four movie movies ‘Ishara’, ‘Bheti’, ‘I am in Love’ and ‘Naboleni Hansi Rakha Na’ were released on Friday, November 2.

Naboleni Hansi Rakha Na

Director Sharad KC’s creation ‘Naboleni Hansi Rakha Na’ is being released all over Nepal. The movie features actor Nikhil Upreti, actress Richa Singh Thakuri and Sunil Singh Thakuri in main roles. The movie was shot in locations in Pokhara and Kathmandu. The musical love story was shot in 33 days, last year.

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