Thanks to Google, xnepali goes ad-free, guess how much money we made last year?

We are proud to announce that xnepali is going to be advertisement free. The sole revenue generator of xnepali, Google, has decided that xnepali is not a good partner.

Now, we have decided not move the contents to a new domains (like we did in 2011) and it will remain Google Ads free as of now.

Can you guess how much money Google ads generated in last year ?

We will publicize everything and will give a gift to the person who is close to the exact amount (give your number in the comment).

goodbye adsense

In the mean time, we need to figure out how to generate the revenue to run the site. Also, please suggest alternatives.

Thank you for you support and we expect you to continue your support in the coming days. Please subscribe to our email list to get latest update on how much we made from Google Adsense and how it was made possible.

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