‘We are still in Honeymoon’, Rajesh Hamal says, baby attempt going on

In a conversation with RJ Sabeena Karki, Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal has talked about his personal life and about his wife. Rajesh told his married life is going “fantastic” and he is very happy with his marriage. In the live interview was taken at Time Square in New York, Rajesh told that hew was confused if he should get married or not. He added, “Now, once I am married, I am very happy.”

rajesh hamal interview we are still in honeymoon

Video report:

When asked about the child, Rajesh Hamal told that he is still in honeymoon phase. He also added, he is trying to get Madhu Bhattarai pregnant.

After a month of the USA visit, Rajesh Hamal is returning back to Nepal on August 30. On the next day of returning back to Nepal, he is going to Bangladesh for the selection of the participation in the quiz program. After Bangladesh Rajesh told that he is also going to Bhutan for the same purpose.

Rajesh Hamal’s movie ‘Shakuntala’ was released on this Friday and is currently running in theatre.

I wish all the best to Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai for their baby, I hope the honeymoon ends soon and the parenthood takes over. At the time of this writing Rajesh Hamal is on his way back to Nepal. I wish him a very happy and safe journey.

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