What is in Anmol KC, that is not in Prakriti Shrestha and Anna Sharma

The lead actor of Bhuwan KC‘s debut movie ‘Dreams’,  Anmol KC is the new sensation in the Nepali film industry. ‘Dreams’ proved to be the third super-hit movies of Anmol KC. He as become the rare actors whose movies have succeeded. Despite of his popularity, Anmol is considered weak in acting. In all of his movies, the actresses have done better acting, but no actress have been as popular as Anmol.

The questions arise – “What is in Anmol KC, that is not in Prakriti Shrestha and Anna Sharma?” and “Will the fate of ‘Dreams’ actress Samragyee RL Shah be similar to those of Prakriti and Anna?”

First let’s watch the analysis video:


  • In “Hostel” the actress Prakriti Shrestha had performed better than Anmol KC
  • In ‘Jerryy’, the acting skills of actress Anna Sharma was better than Anmol KC
  • In ‘Dreams’ the viewers have told that, Samragyee’s performance is better than Anmol

Watch ‘Hostel’ and watch ‘Jerryy’ to check for yourselves.

anmol kc and samragyee rl Shah dreams promo

Let me list out the facts to answer the question “What is in Anmol KC?” :

  • Anmol is Bhuwan KC’s son. Bhuwan has been a top actor and a successful film producer. By the success of ‘Dreams’, Bhuwan has now become a successful movie director.
  • Bhuwan knows the tricks and tactics of the industry and he has coached Anmol into choosing the movies and the promotion of the movies.
  • Anmol is serious about acting and acts like a superstar
  • Anmol  has been serious in choosing  the script of the movie.

Because of these facts, Anmol has shined while the actresses haven’t been as successful as Anmol.

‘Hostel’ actress Prakriti Shrestha has married an Australian NRN and is living in Australia. Prakriti’s return in the film industry seems unlikely now.

Anna Sharma might return to acting, but, there are no reports if Anna signing any movies after ‘Jerryy’.

The initial indications show that Samragyee RL Shah has fallen in the shadow of Anmol KC. Although the acting of Samragyee is told to be better than that of Anmol, The credit of the success of the movie will surely go to Anmol KC.

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