Will Anju Panta be an actress in her 40s? Who is Anju Panta?

The popular singer Anju Panta is good looking personality. Many film producers had approached Anju to feature in their movie int he last decade. Anju had however rejected all of those offers. Now, as she approaches in the 40s (Anju turned 39 a few months back), she had told that she might re-consider her decision not to act in movies. The following video report is prepared to discuss about Anju Panta’s desire to act in movies.

Anju’s condition of her acting debut is that, the story of the movie has to be based on her own life. Why did she change her mind? Here are the reasons:

  • Anju has written an autobiography. The book is expected to release in market after a while.
  • The decision to act in movie might be a promotional strategy of the book (this is just an assumption).
  • While writing the autobiography, Anju might have seen that her story might make an interesting movie. She might be asking the film makers to consider making the movie.
  • Now, she has enjoyed the fame and money, she might have wanted to test another field – acting.

Anju still doesn’t seem to be interested in acting in professional way. She wants to be act for fun and tell her own story. If it is just for fun, she should let the professional actor to do her role. That would be more professional and interesting to the viewers. She could always be featured in a guest’s role. “The Pursuit of Happyness” would be an example of what a biographical film could be.

Who is Anju Panta ?

The singer of the most popular song in Nepali movie industry ‘Surke Thaile khai…’ of ‘Woda Number 6’ and ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu…’ from another hit movie ‘Prem Geet”, Anju Panta is one of the most successful singers of Nepali music industry.  Born in 1977 to her father Bishnu Panta and mother Manu Yonjan. Anju Panta had celebrated her 39th birthday a while ago.

In 1998, aged 21, Anju won the nationwide modern song competition, organized by Radio Nepal. After that, she started struggling as a singer. The success of the song ‘Na Birse Timilai Na Paye Timilai’ brought her into the limelights. Anju released an album titled ‘Kampan’, featuring the remake versions of the hit Nepali songs. The album was also a success.

Photo – An October 2015 photo of Anju Panta with her daughter.

Anju Panta married Manoj Raj Siwakoti, another singer, in 2002. That was before Anju was that popular. They gave birth to a daughter. After marriage, Anju Panta became very popular while Manoj wasn’t as popular as her. Their relationship between Manoj and Anju wasn’t as cordial as before and they ultimately got divorced in 2011 (I wrote about Anju’s divorce). Anju Panta went through a very tough time after the divorce. She was depressed and even tried to commit suicide. She used to drink a lot and wasn’t able to sing for a while.

In her tough time, Anju changed her religion to Christianity. The change in religion was criticized by many. In a rumour she was accused of denying singing a Hindu prayer. She later denied the accusation and clarified that she was sick at that time and couldn’t sing the song. Anju’s two sisters, two brothers and her mother are also Christian. Her mother’s sister and her husband are the pastor of a church in Birgunj.

Anju had won the best playback singer award for the song in ‘Khabardar’ in 2008, ‘Silsila’ in 2009, ‘Chodi Gaye Paap Lagla’ in 2010, Kamana Award for her song in ‘Parai’ in 2014, ‘November Rain’ song in 2015 (and INAS Award), FAAN Award in 2016 for ‘Prem Geet’ song and her song ‘Surke Thaili Khai..’ in ‘Woda Number 6’ was one of the most viewed music video in YouTube.

Correction – There was a mistake in Anju’s parent’s name.

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