Did media fuel Manisha Koirala divorce rumor ?

manisha-with-her-mother-Deepkiran-sharmaTimes and again it is proven that, nothing is private in the life of a celebrity. In a latest example, Manisha’s minor disagreement and a hasty Facebook post has created further headache to Manisha’s married life. The original Facebook post was deleted within a few hours and the current post is much better saying, she was “super happy” with her partner.

In the context of divorce rumor in media, the sources closer to Manisha are suspecting one of the Indian medias for not letting the rumor subside. The unnamed Indian media is told to be particularly interested in Manisha Koirala gossips and was responsible to blow the minor event out of proportion. I suspect, they might be pointing towards a Nepali daily, Himalaya Darpan, published from Silgudi, India. Himalayan Darpan, in its Nov. 23 Tuesday’s edition, published a front page article with title “Manisha wants divorce”.

The Manisha family source however, couldn’t deny the misunderstanding between Manisha and Samrat. But, it is also told that the event was minor misunderstanding, not big enough to warrant divorce. Manisha’s parents are told to be saddened by the divorce rumor in the media.

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"Haat Lagyo Sunya" – first comedy movie of Rajesh Hamal

A comedy movie "Haat Lagya Sunya" will be the first comedy movie of the top actor Rajesh Hamal. The movie on script/dialogue of Diwakar Mainali will be made in the direction of Bijaya Bikram Basnet.

The movie will star Rajesh Hamal, Jharana Thapa, Kiran KC, Sushil Pokharel, Shiva Acharya, Gopal Dhakal (Chhande), Babir Parajuli among others.

Following photos were taken at the inauguration ceremony of the movie (photo credits – Purushhottam Basnet).

Other photos can be viewed in our Photo Gallery.