Success story of Gorkha Paltan

Before the release of the movie ‘Gorkha Paltan’, most of the people in Nepali movie industry were confident that the movie will not succeed in the box-office. Everybody believed, the movie rely on the main attraction of the movie, the third Indian Idol Prashant Tamang,who turned his career as an actor with this movie. Their assumptions is valid in the historical context of Nepali cinema – singers-turned-actors were mostly successful in the box-office in the past.

Except for a few fans of Prashant Tamang, most of the general public was not that happy by the news that Prashant Tamang was acting in a Nepali movie. Most believed that a lot of Nepali voted Prashant and supported him during Indian Idol contest as he was a good singer. But as an actor he was untested and nobody knew if he was good enough.

Hence, it was clear Prashant Tamang’s reputation will not work to make this movie hit and even the producers were also not that sure in the success of the movie in box-office. That uncertainty might be one of the reasons the producers didn’t care to have a premiere show before being released.

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5th NRN Regional Conference to be held in Dubai

The 5th NRN regional conference is going to be held on January 14-16, 2011 in Dubai, UAE. The main theme of the conference is "Collective Investment and Safe Migration".

The details of the conference can be downloaded as pdf files.