From Sikkim to Nepal: Prashant Tamang brings Angalo Yo Maya Ko

UPDATE: The movie is available to watch here in xnepali. Watch ‘Angalo Yo Mayako’ here.

Former Indian Idol Prashant Tamang arrived in Kathmandu on Wednesday, for two days. He is here for the publicity for his upcoming film, “Angaalo Yo Maya Ko“. The movie is his second film after “Gorkha Paltan“. Gorkha Paltan was a big hit of last year.


The director of the movie, Binod Sereng, is hopeful that the film will be a hit like Gorkha Paltan. He said, “There is plus point in Prashant’s image as well as the film is of high quality in it’s presentation and technology”. Model Harshika shrestha has debuted as an actress in this film.

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Nepali Movies, Looking Back to 2010 (Part 2)

Continued from the First Part – Nepali Movies, Looking Back to 2010 (Part 1)

After two years in release queue, Didi Bhai of Sunil Manadhar was finally released this year. A family drama and action movie was liked by a lot of viewers. Fans of Rajesh Hamal, his dialogue delivery, and action have appreciated this movie.

The musical blockbuster movie Nai Nabhannu La, directed by Bikash Acharya, also did a good business inside and outside of Kathmandu valley.

After a long absence from Nepali movie arena, director Naresh Paudyal released Deepsikha. This movie was more focused on the fact that actress Arunima Lamsal was the scriptwriter in the promotion that making it a better movie. The only thing that was successful about ‘Deepsikha’ was the promotional song of this movie. The movie failed big time.

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Success story of Gorkha Paltan

Before the release of the movie ‘Gorkha Paltan’, most of the people in Nepali movie industry were confident that the movie will not succeed in the box-office. Everybody believed, the movie rely on the main attraction of the movie, the third Indian Idol Prashant Tamang,who turned his career as an actor with this movie. Their assumptions is valid in the historical context of Nepali cinema – singers-turned-actors were mostly successful in the box-office in the past.

Except for a few fans of Prashant Tamang, most of the general public was not that happy by the news that Prashant Tamang was acting in a Nepali movie. Most believed that a lot of Nepali voted Prashant and supported him during Indian Idol contest as he was a good singer. But as an actor he was untested and nobody knew if he was good enough.

Hence, it was clear Prashant Tamang’s reputation will not work to make this movie hit and even the producers were also not that sure in the success of the movie in box-office. That uncertainty might be one of the reasons the producers didn’t care to have a premiere show before being released.

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Gorkha Paltan to release on Laxmi Puja

The first movie of third Indian Idol, Prashant Tamang, is going to be released on the Laxmi Puja festival. The movie, Gorkha Paltan, will be released all over Nepal.

The singer has also acted in two more Nepali movies to be released later. The story of the movie Gorkha Paltan is related to Prashant Tamang himself in which the lead actor transformed himself from a singer to an actor.

The movie was produced by Rajesh and Suraj Bansal and features Ranjita Gurung, Sonia KC, Sunil Thapa, Gopal Bhutani etc.

Prashant Tamang has recently announced that he is going to get married soon to an undisclosed sweetheart he met in Bangalore India.

Prashant is also appearing as a guest actor in a popular comedy serial, Tito Satya, on October 28.

Prashant Tamang to lead ‘Gorkha Paltan’

The Indian Idol of Nepali origin, Prashant Tamang, is banking on his acting skills to succeed in a new arena by acting in a movie. Tamang will lead a movie based on the life of Gorkha Army in United Kingdom, Gorkah Paltan. The debut movie is being filmed in Palpa, Western Nepal under the direction of Narayan Rayamajhi. Apart from Prasant, Sonia KC, Ranjita Gurung, Sunil thapa, and Gopal Bhutani will be acting in the movie.

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