DCN and Movie piracy – is it a conspiracy?

Nepali film industry is really amazing industry in the world. I think our film industry should submit name in Guinness World Record. Reasons? Here you go…

  • Only around 4% of the total population of Nepal watches Nepali film. It is natural for people to like their own movies but, Nepali watch more Hindi and English movies than Nepali movies.
  • At least 2-3 movies are released every week.
  • Only 2-3 movies become successful (hits) per year and other 2-3 movies get their investment back from the market. And rest of the movies are flops.
  • But, all the producers says that their movie were super hit.

Those were only a few of the amazing and interesting things in our movie industry. A recent similar incident was equally shocking to film makers and medias: Piracy of Nepali movies.

Movies distributed by Digital Cinema Nepal (DCN) were pirated at the eastern part of Nepal. That has caused a wave of worries among  producers who had entrusted DCN to distribute their movies. The producers whose movies were pirated are asking compensation from DCN for their negligence.

Two of the victims of piracy were producers Yash Kumar and Krisha Chaulagain. Yash Kumar’s movie Bato Muni Ko Phul and Krisha Chaulagain’s movie Kasam Hajurko were told to be pirated and were found in the DVD shops of eastern Nepal. Bato Muni Ko Phul, produced and presented by Yash Kumar, was released for only a month and was still running in many theatres in the eastern part of Nepal. And, Kasam Hajurko by Krisha Chaulagain, was released a bit earlier and had also done a good business.

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Who loves Nepali movies?

Editor’s Note: This is the final part of “Who loves Nepali Movies?” article series.  This however is not a complete picture of Nepali theaters – there are a lot more to be written about. If we choose to publish more articles on the related theme, we will update this article in the future and, add the links to the new articles.

Who loves Nepali movies? we do!

And, there are a lot of our friends, our visitors to this blog – they all love Nepali movies very much. Based on the love of the viewers, a lot of Nepali movies are being produced/released every month. At the same time, everybody agrees that the quality of the movie can’t be compared with Indian, Bollywood movies or English, Hollywood movies. Nepali movies have a limited market and our producers have limited resources in terms of producing movies. Not having a single shooting studio in Nepal explains how poor we are in terms of the infrastructure and resources to produce ‘good movies’. But, everybody admits: with such a limited resources we have witnessed some ‘very good’ movies and, that is something to be proud of.

We started this series to analyze if the theaters are treating Nepali movies fairly. Big Cinema, a theater operating on Indian investment announced not to screen Nepali movies accusing – Nepali movies do not have any quality. If that was the case why did they start the business in an immature market? Said that, we are not against some preferential business. They are free to compete in the free market. At the same time, business logic says that they also need to satisfy their client – Nepali people.

Big Cinema has no emotional attachment to Nepali movies. Theaters owned by our own Nepali citizens have emotional attachment with their own creations (most of them are producers too). But, it is a sad truth that they also prefer foreign movies to Nepali movies.

Fact Check Analysis

  • Big Cinema – You should learn to love Nepali movies if you want to do business in Nepal.
  • Guna Cinema – Heights of discrimination between Hindi movie and Nepali movie viewers.
  • Gopi Krishna Movies – Nepali viewers treated with negligence – discouraging the high class Nepali to watch Nepali moives.
  • QFX Central – Nepali version of Big Cinema. It should learn to love Nepali movies.

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