Bhuwan KC says he won’t leave UML in a statement

After being removed from the candidate list, actor Bhuwan KC has released a press statement about his future direction. In the statement the CPN UML member and actor told that he will remain faithful to the party and support it in the election.

bhuwan kc

Right after Bhuwan was selected to represent the party in the election, the party members had started to protest his candidacy resulting on the withdrawal of his name from the election candidates. Before that, he had implied that he would join the rival RPP party if he wasn’t made a candidate in the election. Although the political move had convinced the leaders to offer him candidacy only to be withdrawn within a day of it’s publication.

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Unheard movies releasing just before Dashain festival

At the time of the biggest festival in Nepal, Vijaya Dashami, two movies releasing on October 4 are mostly unheard of. The movies named ‘Papi Raat’ and ‘AK 47’ aren’t much advertised and aren’t expected to attract much audience.

‘Papi Raat’ was shot 2.5 years ago and features Sushil Chhetri, Sumina Ghimire , Saroj KC, Ramesh Budhathoki etc. The movie directed by Shyam KC is made under Jenim Films banner and produced by Yuvaraj Khatri. The movie features the music of Anand Khatri and choreography of Govinda Rai. The cinematographer of the movie is Shiva Dhakal.

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