5 star movie theater inaugurated by MaHa and Nisha Adhikari

A luxurious movie theater has started its operation in Kathmandu.  The theater located in Civil Trade Center (CTC) in Sundhara, Cine-De-Safe, features luxurious seating arrangement and restaurants. Chinese, Thai and Indian Continental foods are served to the movie goers. It features breakfast, lunch and dinner for the movie viewers. The theater runs a five-star kitchen to serve it’s guests.

madan krishna shrestha and haribansha acaharya nisha adhikari watch cinema

Out of the two theaters in CCT mall’s seventh and eighth floors, one is cine dine and another cine. Cine dine theater has 58 luxury sofas. The sofas can be folded up to 180 degrees and they also feature message while being seated. There are tables to serve foods to the viewers. Individual lights are also provided in each table for the ease in eating while watching movies.

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Namrata Shrestha went through a surgery, halted shootings

Actress Namrata Shrestha went through a surgery on Monday. Right after the completion of her movie ‘Tandav’, she was bed-ridden because of typhoid. While sick, her stone problem also intensified, forcing the doctors to perform surgery to remove it. 

Namrata was diagnosed of stone few years earlier but, as it wasn’t creating problem she was asked to wait and drink a lot of liquid. After the surgery, the doctors have asked Namrata to take some rest. She has halted the shooting until she feels better. To take rest Namrata and her family are planning to go to Pokhara.

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