Nepali Movie – Alvida

Nepali Movie – Alvida
StarringAryan Sigdel, Hassan Khan, Anita Acharya, Nagendra Rijal, Mohan Niraula, Sharmila Khadka etc.
Director – Laxman Rijal

New movie ‘Alvida’ was released in January 2015. The movie introduces popular model Anita Acharya in big screen. The movie was liked by the viewers.

Nepali movie ‘Alvida’ is a movie made on the social status of Muslim and HIndu religion. A muslim in real, Hassan Khan is featured as a Hindu in the movie and a Hindu in real, Aryan Sigdel, is featured as a Muslim in the movie. The movie is produced by Hassan Khan.

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Rekha Thapa breaks Malaysia promise for the third time, Karishma replaces her

It has been three times Rekha Thapa has missed participating in the cultural program organized by Nepali living in Malaysia. This year, Rekha had promised to participate in the Friendship Dhamaka 2015 but cancels her participation as the time nears.

Last year, in 2014, Rekha didn’t go to Malaysia to participate in the NEFTA Award at the last minute. According to reports, Rekha didn’t go when bargaining for the Best Actress Award failed.

In 2013, Rekha didn’t go to ‘Remix Dhamaka 5’ as promised. Rekha was highly criticized and the organizers were very worried for Rekha’s irresponsible behavior.

Now, it has been a hat-rick of Rekha’s being irresponsible to the Nepali people in Malaysia three years in row. Will they forgive her, only time will tell. Now, the organizers are greteful to actress Karishma Manandhar for agreeing to participate in the program in place of Rekha.

artist arrive friendship dhamaka

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