Binita Baral takes Superhit promotion to a new height with a dating deal

The controversial actress of ‘Chapali Height‘, Binita Baral is doing everything she can to promote her upcoming movie ‘Superhit’. The latest in the promotion attempt is offering a dating deal to the fan who helps promote her Facebook page.

Binita’s dating offer in Facebook however doesn’t have any concrete terms and conditions. All she has told is, "Share my third film ‘Superhit’. The faster you help ‘Superhit’ reach your friend, the faster you can talk with me." She adds, "You can meet me during the release of the movie, watch the movie together and we can go out together."

Although she has told that she is "waiting to talk to you", there is no mention of how the winner will be selected or how many fans will win the date.

Hey friends, may I have your attention please: If you are the greatest fan of Beenita Baral and her upcoming movie superhit than you have a great opportunity to talk to Beenita Baral . Show your love to Beenita by sharing Superhit movie’s promos, posters and pictures, give max suggestions, hit max like. Be on Beenita’s fab friends list … We are watching you and your shares. Thanks!

Binita and the film makers have done everything to create the buzz. At first, the movie makers kept the shooting a secret and tried to keep the name of the movie a secret. After the release of the name of the movie, Binita has been posting shooting photos from time to time and asking her friends to like the film page. The page currently has 1,000 likes.

Although ‘Chapali Height’ increased the height of the actress, her second movie ‘Full Stop’ wasn’t successful and Binita is counting on the third movie to keep herself relevant in the Nepali movie industry. Apart from acting in the movie, Binita is also the writer of the movie.

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