Dilip Rayamajhi, another Nepali actor gets the US Green Card

After actress Arunima Lamsal, actor Dilip Rayamajhi has also obtained the US Green Card after applying it from Nepal. After some remaining paper works, Dilip is planning to fly to the USA in a few days.

dilip rayamajhi with his wife and daughter

USA has been the favorite destination for Nepali artists because of it’s liberal Green Card program for celebrities. Actress Rekha Thapa, Usha Poudel, Richa Ghimire, Ranjana Sharma, actor Raj Ballav Koirala, Jiwan Luitel, director Shyam Bhattarai have also applied for Green Card. Recently actress Nisha Adhikari and actress Nandita KC had also gone to the USA. Actress Keki Adhikari will also flying to the USA soon.

As many of the well-known artists are either out of country of going out soon, the film makers have complained that it hard to find a artist to feature in their movies. The return of actor Saroj Khanal from the USA met with criticism in media and from other artists; killing the the desire of other artists to return back to Nepal. Although Saroj is determined to remain in Nepal, in spite of the criticism, other artists wouldn’t like to be in the same type of rejection from the Nepali public. In the past, the acting career of Nepal-return artists (like Karishma Manandhar  and Ramesh Upreti) haven’t picked up to the previous level.

The actor of super hit film ‘Darpan Chhaya’ (watch ‘Darpan Chhaya’ here), Dilip is also supposed to be featured in its upcoming sequel ‘Darpan Chhaya 2’.

Click for the full list of the movies featuring Dilip Rayamajhi available in xnepali.

dilip rayamajhi

6 thoughts on “Dilip Rayamajhi, another Nepali actor gets the US Green Card

  1. Man i use to think so highly about Nandita and Nisha. I didn’t know they are also desperate cheapo.. America aayera ki padhnu and gain knowledge and move your career forward but plz 15 rupaiya ghanta ko khana no educational background.. I just wonder what kind of jobs they do here… And I’m sure they stardom hasil garepachi tyo gurur kahile jadaina but kasto garo huncha hola, but damn tyo america gc lina aauchu bhanne star haina desperate haru hunan..

  2. It feels so sad to see nepalese celebrities doing this. They won’t even have any respect here from anybody neither in nepal, and go through identity crisis. You built a stardom maintain it whatsoever. Kasto pathetic lagcha tyo party haru dekhda or kunai thau ma hangout garda coz we just can’t respect them. Ghumna aau baru 50 hajar kamau, but haha shit saab pahila mako nepali haru middle class ma pugisakyo ra pahila afuley celebrity bhanera respect gareko manche lai yesari dekhda its feel so so sad. Saroj khanal went back because I’m sure he had identity crisis. Jaha pura desh usko naam chincha yaha aayepachi they just seem to so regular. Tara stars who have real identity ra stardom will never compromise afno individuality. Dipesh kishore bhattari gas station ma mop haneko dekhda aha kasari hunch. Conservative bhako haina tara aba stars haruley afno self respect chain bane aha 10 bars kukurley pani manche gandaina tiniharulai. Sorry!!

  3. Sucks to see this happen. Respect bipul and all. They come here make 20 G a tour go back that is stardom. I had a high hopes about nandita and niche damn they are desperate cheap too

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