Dipsikha Shahi’s hat trick in renaming herself, settles for a masculine name

A new actress, Dipsikha Shahi has made a new record in Nepali movie industry by renaming herself twice in a month. That is a hat rick in name – from Dipsikha Shahi to Sikha Shahi to finally Darshan Shahi. The final name Darshan sounds much like a male name and we are afraid, it will also be changed to something else.

We hope, the beautiful actress will choose a feminine name to suit the beauty and grace she projects. Dipsikha’s two movies ‘Manav’ and ‘Rang’ were released on the same day last week but, none of them were able to win the hearts of the viewers. The next time she ever thinks of changing her name, she should also think of improving her skills for her success in the industry.

Name changing is not new in Nepali movie industry. Many actresses and actors use a name that is different from their legal names. Weather it is name change like Poojana Stri, Poojana Pradhan, or Pooja Gurung or the name change on Jyotish’s suggestion like that of Bhuwan KC and Binita Baral for the promotion of a movie.

We had also posted the real names of 10 actresses who had changed their name after entering the moive industry. The name doesn’t include the actors like Nikhil Upreti, Resh Marahatha or Rose Rana.

We hope, our film artists would rather change their style and acting (for better) rather than changing their names to get luckier. After all, it’s the quality that counts!

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