Friday Release – Bhairav and Resham Filili

This Friday, on August 28, two of the most awaited movies are releasing in theater. Actor Nikhil Upreti‘s comeback movie ‘Bhairav’ and the movie of the viral song, ‘Resham Filili’. These two movies are targeted to two different types of audience – one for action movie lovers and other for comedy movie lovers.

 friday release bhairav and resham filili


Nikhil Upreti’s movie ‘Bhairav’ went through a lengthy process of Censor Board and was finally granted a PG certificate two days before the release. The Board had questioned the political aspect of the movie. The movie is also the debut of Nikhil as a director.

With Nikhil Upreti, ‘Bhairav’ also features Anu Shah, Nagendra Rijal, Jaya Kishan Basnet, Muralidhar and others. The movie is produced by Ratan Dharuwal.

Resham Filili

The movie previously released on April 24 was halted after the earthquake of April 25. The movie that was made popular by catchy music and tune, is re-releasing this week.

‘Resham Filili’ is directed by Pranab Joshi and features Vinay Shrestha, Kameshwor, Chaurasiya, Karma Shakya and Menuka Pradhan in leading roles. Because of the popularity of the music and foreign shows, the movie has already recovered its production cost. (We had posted the music of the movie before.)

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