Friday Release – Hostel Returns

This week, on August 21, 2015 Nepali movie ‘Hostel Returns’ is released in theaters all over Nepal. The movie, previously scheduled to release on May 8 had been delayed by the earthquake of April 25. The movie made on the story of the engineering students living in a hostel features new artists in leading roles. The movie directed by Suraj Bhusal features new actors Sashi Shrestha, Sushil Shrestha, Swostima Khadka, Abhaya Baral and Najir Hussein in main roles.

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The movie by noted producer Sunil Rawal is a sequel of his previous hit movie ‘Hostel’ (watch ‘Hostel’ here). Sunil had also produced another hit movie ‘Saayad’ in the past (watch ‘Saayad’ here). Based on his past record of producing hit movies and the success of ‘Hostel’ the movie ‘Hostel Returns’ is also considered one of the most awaited movies of the current time.

This week the movie enjoys a solo release with no competition from foreign movies in Nepali theaters. Next week however will see two most awaited movies ‘Resham Filili’ and and Nikhil Upreti‘s comeback movie ‘Bhairav’ in theater.

According to initial theatrical report, the movie is doing well in theater. We will have to wait for a while to know the real response of the viewers.

Before the release of the movie, the movie was premiered in Australia. The movie is also going to be featured in various other countries in near future..

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  1. i just wana watch Hostel Return cos hope it may be very interesting moving cos i ve seen trialer in youtube, so it seems very interesting. i have searched through net but i couldnt find.

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