Nepali Movie – Kaifiyat

Nepali Movie – Kaifiyat
StarringNandita KC, Nabin Shrestha, CP Poudel, Shankar Shahi Thakuri, Kishan Sunuwar, Sajana Thapa etc.
Director – Dasharat Giri

About ‘Kaifiyat’

Nepali Movie ‘Kaifiyat’ is a presentation of Chintamani Baral for Om Dakshinkali Films banner. The movie made on the script and dialogue of Madav Sharma features the music of Arjun Pokhrel. The movie was released in theatre in February of 2016. I had shared the music jukebox of ‘Kaifiyat’ earlier.

Watch ‘Kaifiyat’ full movie:
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Friday Release – Kaifiyat, Superhit, Bindaas 3 and Kasailai Nabhannu (with trailers)

There are four new Nepali movies being released in theater on Friday, February 5, 2016. It is a huge crowd of Nepali movies in theater. Its going to remain crowded as more new movies are being released in coming days. The movies to release this Friday are ‘Kaifiyat’ with actress Nandita KC in leading role, ‘Superhit’ with actress Binita Baral in lead role, ‘Bindaas 3’ with Suvekshya Thapa in leading role and ‘Kasailai Nabhannu’ features Dinesh Sharma and Aayushma Karki in lead roles. All these movies are believed to be targeted to single screen audience.

friday release feb 5 kaifiyat, bindaas, superhit kasailai nabhannu


The movie directed by Dasharath Giri, ‘Kaifiyat’ features Nandita KC with Shankar Shahi Thakuri and Sajana Thapa. Actress Nandita had told that her role is a suspense in the movie (Nandita is featured in a double role in the movie). She was talking in a press meet to tell about the movie. The music of the movie is expected to attract the viewers to theater.

Listen to the the audio jukebox of ‘Kaifiyat’ here.

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Movie Songs – Kaifiyat, audio jukebox

The songs of the upcoming movie ‘Kaifiyat’ are attached at the end of this post. The movie featuring Nandita KC, Nabin Shrestha, CP Poudel and others is directed by Dasharat Giri. The movie is made on the script and dialogue of Madhav Sharma. The movie by Chintamani Baral is a presentation of Om Dakshinkali Films banner. In the movie actress Nandita KC is featured in double role.

The movie is scheduled to release on Magh 15 (January 29, 2015).

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Nandita KC to be featured in double role in Kaifiyat

Actress Nandita KC is going to be featured in a double role in an upcoming movie of director Dashrath Giri. The movie by Om Dakshinkali Films ‘Kaifiyat’ was announced on March 13 in a press meet organized in Alfa House, Baneshwor.

In the program Nandita offered sweets to all the participants and told that the role is a bit different after a long time of her career in the film industry .She also promised to justify the role she is going to do. In addition to ‘Kaifiyat’, shooting of Nandita’s other movies ‘Babari’ and ‘Majhari’ are in pipeline.

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