Nepali Movie – Bardaan

Nepali Movie – Bardaan
StarringRejina Upreti, , Karishma Manandhar, Arjun Karki, Mukesh Dhakal, Shovit Basnet etc.
Director – Shovit Basnet

The first movie by Rejina Films’ and Kabita Films is the debut of actress Rejina Upreti as a producer in Nepali film industry. The movie caused problem between the producers Kabita Shrestha and Rejina Upreti.

The background score of the movie is composed by Manoj Rajbhandari, cinematography by Krishna Shrestha, choreography by Shiva BK and Shovit Basnet, music by Manohar Sunam, editing and graphics by Ananta Ghimire, action by Rajendra Khadgi and script by Dhruba Lamsal. The story of the movie is written by the director Shovit himself.

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Rejina Upreti to get married to her boyfriend Suraj Pokharel

Actress Rejina Upreti is getting married to her long time boyfriend Suraj Pokharel on February 22 in Kathmandu.

It has been some time since the relationship between UK resident boyfriend of Rejina Upreti, Suraj Pokharel. Last year, they were supposed to get married while Rejina was in UK to show her movie ‘Bardaan’ but, she returned back to Nepal without getting married.

Now, Rejina has confirmed the marriage of the two by distributing the marriage invitation card. After two weeks of the marriage Rejina and Suraj will return back to London. After getting married Rejina is expected to stop acting and start a beauty parlor business.

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Friday release – Rhythm, Bardaan and Paltan

Three new movies have released in theater today (on March 8). Two of them, ‘Rhythm’ and ‘Paltan’ were released in Kathamndu and the third movie ‘Bardaan’ was released only in theaters out of Kathamndu after a mutual agreement with the other two. ‘Bardaan’ will release in Kathamndu on March 15.


Written and directed by Bikash Acharya, ‘Rhythm’ is made on a love story. The musical movie features Jiwan Luitel, Wilson Bikram Rai, Sweta Bhattarai, Nir Shah, Nishma Ghimire and Sohit Manandhar in main roles. The movie made on One Time banner is produced by Pradeep Dahal.

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Rejina Upreti’s Bardaan release in Kathmandu pushed to 15 March

The release date of Rejina Upreti‘s first movie as a director ‘Bardaan’, is changed after discussion with the film makers of ‘Rhythm’ and ‘Paltan’.

In mutual understanding, Rejina had agreed to delay the release of the movie by a week in Kathmandu. If the movie were released on March 8 it would have to be constrained to 9 theaters. After the delay, the movie will be screened in 25 theaters. The movie will however release on March 8 in 30 theaters out of Kathmandu.

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