Hemraj BC to direct the next Bhuwan KC project

It seems, the actor Bhuwan KC is still not sure he can carry the burden of a film director. Although he has told that he will be directing a film in near future, he has appointed another director, Hemraj BC, to direct his next film, ‘Dreams’.

bhuwan kc (3)

The movie scheduled to go to the floor in Falgun will feature Bhuwan’s son Anmol KC in leading role. Hemraj BC is the director who has helped Anmol by directing two of the most successful films of Anmol – ‘Hostel‘ and ‘Jerry’.  Bhuwan apparently thinks Hemraj is lucky charms for his son Anmol.

Bhuwan’s next film ‘Dreams’ is a love story film under Kajal Films. The script of the film was recently modified to incorporate the recent changes. Hemraj is scheduled to start the shooting of the new film soon.

Hemraj’s film ‘Sambodhan’ featuring Namrata Shrestha, Dayahang Rai and Binay Bhatta in leading role is currently running in theater.

Bhuwan’s biography scheduled to release soon is expected to reveal some dark sides of his life in addition to the numerous scandals and controversies.

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